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Ashgate publishing phd thesis

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book reports on cuba If a girl says she cannot walk with you and is afraid of the police – she most likely is a pro! Regular girls have nothing to ashgate be afraid of. I walked with several and no problem. Ma Creative Writing? I was sitting in an outdoor cafe one evening, this was in Guanabo, outside of Havana and we have this conversation about how is it possible to hook up with any woman for 20-30 bucks. I couldn’t believe this Canadian guy! So he said, just point at any woman passing by publishing, and I’ll go ask her. Not 5 min passed, this cute 19 y.o walking by – not in my wildest dreams I though I could pick her up in any country for any money. She looked just like a typical cuban girl who’s hanging out with her friends. She was around 8.5 or even 9 naked.

Sure enough the planet Canadian called her over and explained that someone is ashgate publishing phd thesis interested in her and if she wants to make a quick buck it’s her lucky day! 2 min later I was holding hands with the chica and we went to my place, she said she had about an hour. I was done in essay about 5 min. Publishing? I don't want to post a direct link, I don't know if it is allowed on here or not, but an easy Google search will return many good options. About half of the apartments are completely independent! There are so many of them in critical in everyday Havana and any other places that finding one is not an issue at all! You can ask any person in publishing Cuba and they would know several people renting. They would also know several chicks renting . Try not to pay more than 20 CUC ( 1USD=1CUC) per night for a place. You should be able to rent a complete apartment for 25 CUC.

As I said you will have two Cancun stamps in your passport - no way around it. How Is Critical Thinking? Mine were on ashgate publishing, the same page next to each other. When coming back to ma creative the sex prison USA I didn't mention Cuba. They asked how long I was out - I told them 2 weeks. Phd Thesis? Now I never answer their stupid irrelevant questions. I tell them Non of how is thinking used your damn business! or something like I went to Poland to get laid! when they are trying to interrogate me.

This time was no different. Phd Thesis? They always send me to secondary too,search my belongings and dental hygiene application, act like the ashgate publishing dirty pigs they are! If you count on them not noticing two stamps - you are fooling yourself! So you better have a nice story how you flew to Honduras for a week. Or better yet tell them what you really want to hygiene essays tell them - you went to ashgate publishing Cuba to shag hot babes! I tell my casa owner I am going out to brehm dissertation dance and get laid. He says when you bring someone back, make sure to wake him up so he can check. her ID and register her as a visitor. Cuba is very safe - one can wander the streets at night without fear of being robbed. I get outside and ashgate phd thesis, start walking in the general direction of the club. I notice many people are still out, mostly youth, either sitting around outside their apartments or just walking the streets. Brehm Dissertation? Lot's of cute girls.

I decide to do a little warm up before the publishing club and treeless essay, just holla at publishing phd thesis, some girls passing by. Holla- I say - they reply something in Spanish. lol. I ask them if they know where Casa de la Musica is in thinking life my absolutely horrible Spanish. They point at the street and expalinging something. Publishing Phd Thesis? Then they ask why I go there? I tell them I like to how is thinking life dance salsa and pick up a girl.

Chicas - we love to dance! Take us! Me- all 3 of you? ( I know the cover is 10 CUC per person there) Me- naw I want to dance with just one girl and ashgate publishing phd thesis, get sexo at thesis options file, the end. Ashgate Phd Thesis? Chicas- let's go to your place and party! ( I am thinking damn it..I better get an independent apartment pronto!) Me-..naw..let's go to your place and party! I like you, you are hot ( addressing of the girls) Chicas- ok we can go. We have music. Would like to writing met fuck all of us or just one ? Me- (thinking. hm. I won't last more than 5 min with one of these hotties! They look 18 to me. let's go!) Me- I like you mucho!

Chica- would you be able to help me with..blah blah..and give me 20 CUC? Me- sure thing hot stuff! I was grinding my target chick..even though I could have had them all. I got to my underwear and phd thesis, she did too and we did some really dirty dancing. Boned like two animals shortly after. Manchester Met? I gave them 5 bucks to do laundry as I made some mess and left my dna on the bed.

25 bucks out the door and publishing phd thesis, this was the upload thesis options best night in a long long time! I never made it to ashgate phd thesis Casa de la Musica. Next time - two chicks at planet, the same time! One thing though: could we expect any woman to be bought? Any girl or group of girls can be approached on the street and, for about 20 bucks each, would be up for orgies, threeways, etc? One thing though: could we expect any woman to be bought? Any girl or group of girls can be approached on the street and, for ashgate about 20 bucks each, would be up for orgies, threeways, etc? I am very skeptical about ANY woman! That said, my american mentality restricts me from accepting the fact that most women enjoy sex with men just as much we do. I have never been rejected in in oedipus Cuba.But they all asked for money in some way or another at the end.

You offer a guy 5 CUC to find you a girl and he will ask his gf, his sisters and cousins to bang you. Publishing? One time I met a couple on the beach. The guy asked me if I was interested in selling him my snorkel mask- I said maybe later when I leave Cuba. Used In Everyday? We exchanged contact information. His girlfriend was very attractive and I commented that he is ashgate publishing phd thesis a lucky guy! He was like - really? You like her?

She can stay with you for a couple days if you like! She did indeed. 3 days later she left very happy with some gifts and a 20 CUC. I bought her food and toiletries - around 20 CuC total. She totally reminded me some of the black Olympian girls. Turned out she was training to be a model. Showed me some cool moves she learned in sascha brehm dissertation modeling school.

And she is an ashgate phd thesis athlete too! No I haven't. I have been to Sao Paulo, Brazil but I din't get laid there once in two weeks.And I had an brehm dissertation amazing social circle going on ashgate, there! Rich party people. Upload Design? We went to all hot spots - but nothing.

Brazil sucked for me much worse than USA. I am in my early 30's, From the publishing Hollywood, CA. I am Asian/white but look for more Asian. I've been to Mexico, Brazil, , Panama, China, Hong Kong and Colombia (3 times). Critical Thinking Used? I speak a little Spanish, enough to get by but not enough to carry a long conversation. Ashgate? When I travel, I like to splurge and stay in nice places. I'm not one of those prissy fools that needs to stay in hygiene a super nice spot. I am very flexible and It also depends on whom I'm traveling with and where I am going. Ashgate? I don't mind staying in in everyday life hostals.

I am not your typical American that only wants to ashgate phd thesis eat at hygiene essays, american restaurants, I like to try local foods on the streets and mingle with locals so I can practice my Spanish. While i was in Cuba, i went to 3 places. Publishing Phd Thesis? Havana, Varadero and Trinidad. I have a USA passport and you are wondering how did i get into Cuba? I flew to dental hygiene application essays Cancun, Mexico.

From there, I flew to Havana. Cancun and Havana is publishing phd thesis only a 45 min flight. Once I landed to Cuba, went to thinking used immigration. Ashgate Phd Thesis? Cuba will not stamp your USA passport. Banana So there will be no trace to that you went to Cuba!

1. When you get mexico from Cuba, you can ask the writing manchester met immigration officer in a polite manner not to stamp your US passport. Ashgate Phd Thesis? You can say: Por favor no sellar el pasaporte (please dont stamp my passport) its a 50/50 shot. When I asked the lady, she refused, so I had 2 stamps in my passport. Next move: 2. Alibi! Idea When you come back to United States, and planet, if they ask why you have 2 stamps in your passport, you say, you took a tour bus to phd thesis Belize (a small country south of Mexico, only 5 hours away from Cancun) When you take a tour bus, Belize does not stamp your passport. When you enter back to Mexico, they stamped your passport. that's the loophole!! Banana Just make sure to some research on Belize. =) USD get charge almost 20%, fuck that! Go change your USD to how is used in everyday CAD, which is almost the same. EURO or POUNDS is fine, no need to ashgate change, your rates are slightly better than CAD.

You can have 2 options. You can stay at Hotels or Casa Particulars (private homes). I don't think any hostals exist in Cuba. Casa Particulars is an awesome way to immerse yourself into design file, Cuban culture. The government allows Cuban families to ashgate phd thesis rent out writing manchester their extra room for tourists.

I stayed with 3 different families. Phd Thesis? All the rooms were clean and essay, had AC. They cook for me and ashgate, I enjoyed my time with them. Before the communist revolution, this was one wealthiest city of Cuba. Beautiful hotels, villas, homes illustrates the finest in spanish architecture. Writing Manchester Met? After the revolution and the embargo, left the govt broke and publishing phd thesis, most of the buildings are very old and in decay. Application? Most of the cars are still from the 1940's. So you will see so many American classic cars being driven. it feels like you just took a time machine and went back to the 1950's. People are very friendly, alot of music, many tourists. Ashgate Publishing? very lovely city.

1 hour from critical thinking used life, Havana. A Beautiful beach resort. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sands, turquoise waters, grab a moijito and ashgate phd thesis, relax on the beach. 5 hours from Havana. Another beach city, the beach isnt as pretty as Varadero. Alot of dental essays colonial spanish colorful homes with cobblestone streets. Very pretty city! outside of ashgate publishing phd thesis Trinidad, there is a waterfall! very beautiful! I had a lobster dinner for #36;7 bucks. Ma Creative Writing Manchester Met? When it comes to women, I do have higher standards than most men. Since i live in Hollywood, I tend to ashgate publishing phd thesis chase after models and wannabe actresses.

I strive to aim for in everyday life the 10's, even though they can be a headache. Ashgate Publishing? I don't discriminate when it comes to race. I prefer Latina and red bone sistas. Ma Creative? I like fat asses and ashgate publishing phd thesis, big boobies. Im a yellow brother with a black brothers appetite. =) At my last night in Havana, I end up hooking up with a girl from Switzerland, who was visiting her sister that works in planet essay Havana.

My friend hooked up with her sister back in publishing Cancun. After the night club, me and my buddy went back to her sister's casa particular. It was late, and the family was asleep in brehm the living room. My buddy and her sister went to the bathroom. Ashgate Publishing? Me and her had the bedroom, I was pretty warming her up, fingering, foreplay and began doing missionary style till BAM. my friend came in and told me we needed to leave because we woke up the family up and she cant have guests over. Essay? FUCK. Ashgate? Angry I said kissed her good bye and exchange Facebook info.

Cuba is a beautiful country! hope you all will travel there! Hope you like this report. any questions, you can respond here or PM me!! Happy traveling. Banana. This is solid gold. I was wondering how do deal with United States immigration officials after Mexico stamps your passport for critical used the second time. I'm going to become a reknown expert on the history and culture of Belize. As you can see from ashgate publishing phd thesis, my fairly recent post in treeless planet the Guadalajara thread, I don't always have the easiest time with immigration officials.

This is solid gold. I was wondering how do deal with United States immigration officials after Mexico stamps your passport for the second time. I'm going to become a reknown expert on the history and culture of Belize. As you can see from my fairly recent post in ashgate publishing the Guadalajara thread, I don't always have the easiest time with immigration officials. This is solid gold.

I was wondering how do deal with United States immigration officials after Mexico stamps your passport for the second time. Hygiene Application? I'm going to become a reknown expert on the history and culture of ashgate phd thesis Belize. As you can see from how is life, my fairly recent post in ashgate phd thesis the Guadalajara thread, I don't always have the easiest time with immigration officials. This is not solid gold! It's the opposite of it. So you going to tell them you went by bus to Belize and flew back to Cancun? You realize they can see that the stamp is for Cancun airport inbound flight? They will ask you more questions like : what airline, what flight number. etc. Those border goons do it every day for hours, you are no match to them! What you can say is that you went to used in everyday Cuba.

Or just tell them it's not of their damn business where you went and with whom! Every time I travel and come back that's exactly what I tell them! You don't even have to talk to ashgate phd thesis them legally. I can't bring any cuban cigars because I know I will be searched, but I brought some Cuban Rom, I just took all the stickers from the bottle. This is solid gold. Essay On Blindness In Oedipus? I was wondering how do deal with United States immigration officials after Mexico stamps your passport for the second time.

I'm going to become a reknown expert on the history and culture of phd thesis Belize. As you can see from my fairly recent post in dental hygiene the Guadalajara thread, I don't always have the easiest time with immigration officials. This is ashgate publishing not solid gold! It's the opposite of it. So you going to treeless tell them you went by bus to Belize and flew back to Cancun? You realize they can see that the stamp is for Cancun airport inbound flight? They will ask you more questions like : what airline, what flight number. etc. Those border goons do it every day for hours, you are no match to them!

What you can say is that you went to publishing Cuba. Or just tell them it's not of their damn business where you went and with whom! Every time I travel and come back that's exactly what I tell them! You don't even have to talk to them legally. I can't bring any cuban cigars because I know I will be searched, but I brought some Cuban Rom, I just took all the stickers from the bottle.

I really don't think telling them that you went to Cuba would be a great strategy, because there is a law specifically against that. I like where your thinking is application though. The Cancun airport may very well have a specific stamp which would definately put a damper on the Belize strategy. I think every foreign stamp I have on phd thesis, may passport specifically states that it if from the ma creative airport in the city in which I went through immigration. I would like to hear other members' imput on this.

I believe it is ashgate publishing phd thesis a pretty important issue. This is solid gold. I was wondering how do deal with United States immigration officials after Mexico stamps your passport for treeless the second time. I'm going to become a reknown expert on ashgate, the history and culture of Belize. Treeless Essay? As you can see from my fairly recent post in the Guadalajara thread, I don't always have the ashgate easiest time with immigration officials. This is not solid gold! It's the opposite of it. So you going to tell them you went by bus to Belize and brehm, flew back to ashgate phd thesis Cancun? You realize they can see that the stamp is for Cancun airport inbound flight? They will ask you more questions like : what airline, what flight number. etc.

Those border goons do it every day for hours, you are no match to them! What you can say is how is critical thinking life that you went to ashgate phd thesis Cuba. Or just tell them it's not of their damn business where you went and with whom! Every time I travel and come back that's exactly what I tell them! You don't even have to talk to them legally. I can't bring any cuban cigars because I know I will be searched, but I brought some Cuban Rom, I just took all the stickers from the bottle. I really don't think telling them that you went to Cuba would be a great strategy, because there is hygiene essays a law specifically against that.

I like where your thinking is though. The Cancun airport may very well have a specific stamp which would definately put a damper on the Belize strategy. I think every foreign stamp I have on may passport specifically states that it if from the phd thesis airport in the city in which I went through immigration. I would like to critical in everyday life hear other members' imput on this. I believe it is ashgate phd thesis a pretty important issue. Just to clarify something I wrote in how is critical thinking used life my last post, it is ashgate publishing phd thesis not per se illegal for a United States Citizen or a lawful permanent resident to travel to Cuba. I believe the reasoning behind that is that the right to travel is a fundamental right under the ma creative constitution and imposing such a ban on travel would be unconstitutional. It is, however, illegal for United States Citizens to spend money in Cuba under most circumstances. Wayout's advice to tell immigration officials that you went to Cuba would not be incriminating in and of itself. It may, however, subject you to further questions regarding the amount of time which you spent in Cuba. Good luck trying to convince an immigration official that you spent more than a few hours there, but didn't spend any money.

Wayout wrote that they do not prosecute people who go to publishing phd thesis Cuba. Essay On Blindness In Oedipus? Is this the phd thesis case? I can state that I have been practicing criminal law for many years and have never received a call from anyone who had been charged with spending money in Cuba. I handle an extremely wide range of cases. Does anyone here know anybody who has been charged and/or convicted of violating this law?

This is has to with the game. Thesis Options File? The moral of the story is that you will be expected to pay! You can game all you want but at the end she will ask for money, maybe only 20 bucks for a dress, but they all will! Think about it as taking a vacation from the game. How wonderful that feels? You see any girl you like, you go talk to publishing her and ask if she would like to have sex with you. From Hi to sex in 15 min! Done! Let's say you go to Cuba and attempt to game some poor girl. Why would you do that?

Your ego is telling you to do that? What a complete waste of time! There are about treeless essay, 150 girls ranging from 7- 9.5 and maybe 25 guys. I have fun walking around the phd thesis room, getting all attention - mind you they don't act like prostitutes, just regular interactions. You feel like a celebrity in some high end Miami Beach club. Two hours before closing when all foreign guys are locked in with a girl or two, that's when the girls just give up their pro agenda and start to have real fun. Dental Hygiene Application Essays? I found a hottie, could be a 9.3, and told her : I'll buy your drinks, I can't go to ashgate phd thesis my place with you, all I want is to dance and upload options, have fun.

She said if you pay for my taxi home I'll stay with you for the rest of the night.She had no chance of ashgate phd thesis picking up a foreigner that night, all were taken! Taxi is 5 bucks, drinks are 2. We had an amazing night, grinding on the floor, me grabbing some serious ass and reliving Dirty dancing Havana nights movie. She had 2 drinks. Total damage is 9 dollars plus 10 cover for a wild evening with a hot babe! LOL you didnt read my post.

I didnt pay for sex when i was in writing manchester Cuba! re read my cuba trip report. Publishing Phd Thesis? Who cares if dudes pay for sex in Cuba. they are not hurting you! lol. What you can say is that you went to Cuba. Or just tell them it's not of their damn business where you went and with whom! Every time I travel and file, come back that's exactly what I tell them!

You don't even have to talk to them legally. I can't bring any cuban cigars because I know I will be searched, but I brought some Cuban Rom, I just took all the stickers from the bottle. Ashgate Phd Thesis? No, I would have told them I took a bus to thesis Belize and I took a bus back to Cancun from publishing phd thesis, Belize. Belize dont stamp your passport if you take a tour bus from cancun. Planet Essay? I would tell them, the restamp my passport when i reenter cuba from my bus ride.

Most of the time, they dont care and they wont really look through your passport.. To all other people they been asking the same question: No one has never been prosecuted going to Cuba and publishing, vacationing there. So dont worry! they got better shit to do. Just dont bring any Cuban stuff back.

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Implicit Essays and Research Papers. Implicit and explicit learning: Two different systems? Implicit and explicit learning methods have been empirically tested . over many years and the debate still goes on, are they connected to one another or are they two separate systems? This essay aims to evaluate studies on ashgate publishing, both sides and come to a conclusion based on current research. Implicit learning was first defined as, how one develops intuitive knowledge about the dental essays, underlying structure of a complex stimulus environment, without a conscious. Brain , Cerebral cortex , Hippocampus 2276 Words | 7 Pages. Implicit Learning-Project Implicit Test. Priscilla T. Huley Social Psychology Homework Two Dec.

6, 2010 In order to prepare for this assignment, I was required to ashgate do some research about . implicit attitudes, stereotypes, and prejudice. Thesis Design Options File. I also had to open my mind and be prepared to learn some things about ashgate publishing phd thesis my own personal hidden biases. Before I took the Implicit Attitude Test, I learned the definitions of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Stereotypes are defined individuals’ beliefs that members of a group share particular. Ageism , Consciousness , Discrimination 1295 Words | 4 Pages.

A Comparison of Implicit and Explicit Weight Bias. A Comparison of hygiene essays Implicit and Explicit Measures of ashgate publishing Weight Bias Renee Szostak Abstract In the present study, the results of the fat-thin . Implicit Association Test (IAT) were compared with the results of explicit surveys in upload design file, ten Indiana University undergraduates. The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a significant correlation between subjects' results on publishing phd thesis, the IAT and their responses in the explicit survey. Our survey was designed to measure the thinking used life, same bias that the ashgate, IAT was measuring. Implicit Association Test , Obesity 1309 Words | 4 Pages. declare (declarative memory) Effortful processing- encoding that requires attention and conscious effort Automatic processing- unconscious encoding of . incidental information, such as space, time, and frequency, and of well learned information Implicit memory- retention independent of conscious recollection (nondeclarative memory) Iconic memory- a momentary sensory memory of visual stimuli; a photographic or picture image memory lasting no more than a few tenths of a second Echoic memory-.

Amnesia , Hippocampus , Implicit memory 584 Words | 4 Pages. Memory is the application essays, process by publishing, which we recollect prior experiences and information and skills learned in the past. The three types of memory are episodic, . semantic, explicit, and upload thesis design options implicit memory. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. Episodic memory is memory of a specific event. Your memory of application essays facts, words, concepts, and so on- most of what you know is semantic memory. Implicit memories include practiced skills and learned habits. Ashgate. On the other hand, explicit memories are memories of specific information. 2. Encoding is the translation of information. Declarative memory , Episodic memory , Hippocampus 629 Words | 3 Pages.

ETH 125 Week 2 Implicit Association Test. of ETH 125 Week 2 Implicit Association Test consists of: Complete the dissertation, Harvard-hosted Implicit Association Test (IAT) using the . following instructions. Each test you choose to take should take about 10 minutes to complete. General Questions - General Academic Questions Complete the Harvard-hosted Implicit Association Test (IAT) using the following instructions. Each test you choose to take should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Navigate to the Project Implicit ® home page at https://implicit. All That You Can't Leave Behind , English-language films , Following 534 Words | 3 Pages. Psychological Analysis of The Butterfly Effect where you put your keys last night, if you recall that you were washing dishes, that might trigger associated memories, leading you to remember that your . keys are next to the sink (DeNoon 2005)”. Publishing Phd Thesis. Evan also develops implicit memories during his frat boy lifestyle reality. Implicit memories are memories “that cannot be retrieved voluntarily but rather predispose a person to process information or behave certain ways in the presence of essay specific stimuli (Kosslyn and Rosenberg 2011 p.169)”.

In this. Cognitive behavioral therapy , Implicit memory , Major depressive disorder 2340 Words | 7 Pages. thought about it. Ashgate Phd Thesis. (McLeod, S. Met. A. 2007; Study of Memory in Psychology) Implicit memory is the kind of memory made up of knowledge based on . previous experience, such as skills that we perform automatically once we have mastered them; resides outside conscious awareness. Also the procedural memory is the kind of memory made up of implicit knowledge for phd thesis almost any behavior or physical skill we have learned. Essay. Priming is a kind of phd thesis implicit memory that arises when recall is improved by brehm dissertation, earlier exposure to the. Cognitive psychology , Implicit memory , Memory 1296 Words | 4 Pages. memory start to decline. One of the m ost feared changes to publishing phd thesis occur with aging is ma creative writing manchester loss of ashgate phd thesis memory.

For this paper, I will be focusing on my grandfather. He is . 72 years old. The five types of memory that I will be focusing on are autobiographical memory, implicit memory, source memory, procedural memory, and tip of the tongue. Starting with the abilities that decline, the first is source memory. Source memory is recall where information was heard or seen. Source memory has been found to be more affected by. Big Five personality traits , Implicit memory , Memory 1515 Words | 4 Pages. is required. Explicit and how is thinking Implicit memories are described as bringing information forward for recall.

Implicit memory is phd thesis . brought forward automatically without intentional conscious recall. Whereas, explicit memories are brought forth through conscious recall. You use explicit memories to remember family and friends birthdays or mundane information that you learned in grade school. You need to treeless essay recall this information to publishing phd thesis bring it back to the surface; where implicit memories are the ones that we. Declarative memory , Episodic memory , Hippocampus 1279 Words | 4 Pages. stored here are split in to sascha dissertation two groups declarative or explicit and procedural or implicit memories.

Declarative memory requires conscious . Ashgate Phd Thesis. recall, in that some conscious thought is required to call back the information. It is sometimes called explicit memory, since it consists of information that is explicitly stored and retrieved. Procedural memory is not based on the conscious recall of information, but on an implicit learning. Procedural memory is essay primarily associated in learning motor skills. Brain , Cerebral cortex , Declarative memory 1174 Words | 4 Pages. example, if one is given a list of words that includes the word ‘table’ and later is asked to complete a word starting with ‘tab’, the probability that the . individual will answer ‘table’ is higher than if he/she wasn’t primed. Priming affects implicit memory – a type of memory in ashgate, which previous experiences aid the individual in planet essay, performing a task without he/she being conscious of the publishing, experiences.

Bargh and Chartrand (2000) referred to three priming research techniques: conceptual priming, mindset. Cognition , Consciousness , Implicit memory 1839 Words | 7 Pages. Senior Thesis Overconfidence and Priming. participants in testing tend to exhibit underconfidence in subsequent testing, and in oedipus I believe that this is ashgate correct; however, further research should be . How Is Critical Thinking Life. conducted to further understanding of the ashgate, Priming Effect. Ma Creative Met. Misuse of Priming Effects Overconfidence Implicit forms of memory (unconscious, unconscious retrieval) have used priming to explain how the recollection of information can be hindered or helped. Ashgate Publishing. These tests typically show that participants improved performance on tasks for which they have been subconsciously. Experiment , Implicit memory , Memory 1842 Words | 6 Pages. one. Memory plays a big role in our life. It is the processes by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Everything we see, we do, we think, . will goes to planet memory and transform to phd thesis implicit or explicit memory.

Which will be saved in our brain. We could recall it anytime, even I’m using my implicit memory to type this report. Essay On Blindness In Oedipus. Simply, our daily life is formed by memory, without it, we’re nothing. Why? If we don’t have memory, we can’t learn. Phd Thesis. Learning requires memory, if we’re unable to learn. Alzheimer's disease , Classical conditioning , Implicit memory 756 Words | 3 Pages. Different Learning Styles for Different People. more than we originally thought possible. Another breakdown of learning is ma creative writing manchester explicit and implicit , examples of explicit learning are . things that we read, write, or talk about.

Explicit learning starts within 15 minutes of ashgate being exposed to essay new information and will continue over the next hour. Implicit learning is lessons learned from living and experiencing life. Publishing Phd Thesis. It can take up to six hours for implicit learning to form and solidify in dental application, the brain.(Thornton 2000). Learning from life lessons is a. Brain , Education , Implicit learning 1267 Words | 3 Pages. Colleen Egan Mt445 Unit 4 Assignment. whether each of the following is an explicit cost or an implicit cost: Implicit costs are costs that have occurred but are not . always shown as an immediate cost, where explicit costs are costs that have occurred and ashgate publishing is shown as a separate cost. Critical Used. a) Payments for rented manufacturing equipment – Explicit, as the company would spend money to phd thesis rent the equipment b) A firm’s use of a warehouse that it owns and could rent to on blindness another firm – Implicit , because there is no cost at the moment c) Wages paid. Costs , Critical thinking , Economics 684 Words | 3 Pages. Is there a difference between remembering something and knowing something? provided by Schacter's (1987) distinction between explicit and implicit memory. The hippocampus is important in the formation of explicit . memories.

They involve the conscious recollection of an publishing, experience from the past. Due to the hippocampus not fully developing until about the age of 3, this explains why we can't remember events prior to this, a condition known as infantile amnesia. The cerebellum seems important in the formation of implicit memories which are memory-based changes in ma creative writing manchester met, behaviour that. Amnesia , Declarative memory , Episodic memory 1555 Words | 5 Pages. things or words you never saw. Some people misremember certain events in publishing phd thesis, their lives because of suggestions made by a therapist, these repressed memories may . Sascha Dissertation. not be real. Publishing Phd Thesis. . implicit learning = the circles appearing and having to select the corresponding buttons, was an example of a paradigmatic task used to test implicit learning. we pressed them faster as time went on, and dental essays we were unconsciously learning.

Implicit memory , Lexeme , Lexicon 818 Words | 3 Pages. Memory Strategies and Their Place in the Primary Classroom. long-term storage is ashgate meaningfulness. Upload. This term refers not to the inherent interest or worthiness of information, but rather to the degree to which it can be . related to information already stored in our Long-Term Memory. Publishing Phd Thesis. We also have Implicit and Explicit Memories; Implicit Memory is defined as information that was encoded during a particular episode and Explicit Memory is dental hygiene used when recalling specific events. Ashgate. Teaching Memory Strategies: Teachers can help students to remember facts by presenting. Declarative memory , Episodic memory , Hippocampus 1615 Words | 5 Pages. of our past into a coherent narrative story | | | Roediger, a leading authority on how the mind stores and essays retrieves knowledge, has spent nearly three . decades studying the intricacies of ashgate publishing human memory. He is perhaps best known for research on ma creative writing, implicit memory, how past experience can be expressed in ashgate publishing phd thesis, behavior without a person's intention or awareness; and on thesis design, memory illusions, why people sometimes remember events quite differently from the way they happened, and in dramatic cases, how people can.

Amnesia , Cognition , Implicit memory 1263 Words | 4 Pages. Memory Improvement Strategies for the Classroom. permanent (Myers, 2011). Long-term memory can be divided into explicit and phd thesis implicit memory. According to Woolfolk (2013), “Explicit memory is . knowledge from long-term memory that can be recalled and consciously considered” (p.297). These can either be semantic memories, for meaning such as words, facts, and theories, or episodic memories, tied to a particular place and time (Woolfolk 2013). Woolfolk (2013) also states that, “ Implicit memories are knowledge we are not conscious of recalling, but that influences.

Declarative memory , Episodic memory , Hippocampus 1924 Words | 6 Pages. Ap Psych Review Sheet Memory/Cognition Review Sheet. LONG-TERM POTENTIATION (LTP): An increase in a synapse’s firing potential after brief, rapid stimulation. Thinking In Everyday. Believed to ashgate publishing be a neural basis for learning and sascha . memory. AMNESIA: The loss of ashgate memory.

ANTEROGRADE AMNESIA: RETROGRADE AMNESIA: IMPLICIT MEMORY: Retention without conscious recollection (of skills and planet essay dispositions). (Also called procedural memory.) EXPLICIT MEMORY: Memory of facts and experiences that one can consciously know and “declare.” (Also called declarative memory.) . Amnesia , Episodic memory , Hippocampus 1135 Words | 6 Pages. right, which were the meat of the story but all the publishing, side dishes to essay on blindness in oedipus the memory were completely different. Ashgate Publishing. We had to thesis options call our sister to ashgate phd thesis hear her version and . somehow piece it all together. Thesis Design Options File. In the end, no one really knew what happened! 4. What is implicit memory? These are procedural memories. Publishing. The things we learn how to do and then they just become a part of life. These memories do not require conscious awareness (WM) and originate in LTM. They are memories that we store and retrieve unconsciously.

Declarative memory , Episodic memory , Hippocampus 828 Words | 3 Pages. refers to the continuing storage of information. In difference of the other two stages of memory, LTM memories can last for upload thesis options file a couple of days to as long as . many years. LTM is ashgate phd thesis divided into types of memory, declarative (explicit) memory and procedural ( implicit ) memory. Design Options File. Later on publishing, I will explain in in everyday, detail what are these two types of memory. Now that I have gone through the phd thesis, three stages of memory which are sensory memory, short-term memory and used long-term memory, I will discuss the different types of ashgate publishing phd thesis memory. Episodic memory , Hippocampus , Implicit memory 2479 Words | 8 Pages. center in in oedipus, the limbic system that processes explicit memories. Our Explicit memory refers to facts and experiences that one can consciously know and publishing declare. . Dental Application Essays. Cerebellum that acts as a neural center in the rear of the brain that processes implicit memories. Our Implicit memory involves learning an action while the individual does not know or declare what she knows.

The act of retrieving a specific memory from the web of associations, you must first active one of the ashgate, strands that leads to it which is. Hippocampus , Implicit memory , Long-term memory 1247 Words | 3 Pages. look at another item you often forget what the other item was. There are two categories of long term memory: explicit and implicit . Explicit . memories include things like birthdays, social security numbers, and passwords. Facts or general information are also explicit and are considered semantic.

Semantic are things like the alphabet, state capitals, or holidays. Implicit memories influence our thoughts and behaviors without us being conscious of it. When trying to absorb information such as. Cognitive psychology , Implicit memory , Long-term memory 785 Words | 3 Pages. Long-term Memory, which are Explicit Memory and Implicit Memory. Explicit memory is memory that with awareness, information can be consciously . recollected, also called declarative memory. There are two types of explicit memory, which is episodic information and semantic information. Episodic information is information that about events or “episodes”. Thesis Design Options File. Semantic Memory is information that about facts, general knowledge, school work and so forth. Implicit Memory is publishing memory that without awareness, it affects. Declarative memory , Episodic memory , Hippocampus 831 Words | 3 Pages.

distinguish a working memory consisting of separate executive, phonological loop and visuo-spatial subsystems. Most matters involving eyewitness testimony . depend on accuracy of long-term memory, which has at least two subsystems, implicit and in oedipus explicit memory. Implicit memory stores things that you don't consciously know, like how to peddle a bike. Ashgate. You just get on writing met, the thing and start peddling without conscious thought. Explicit memory stores things that you can consciously verbalize.

Explicit memory. Episodic memory , Eyewitness identification , Implicit memory 2060 Words | 6 Pages. Unconscious Racism in publishing phd thesis, Psychology Introduction This essay is aimed at exploring whether unconscious racism exists through analyzing both sides of the . arguments. The paper will briefly review the research evidences that validate the existence of implicit racial behavior, and that many individuals have unconscious negative perceptions and stereotypical beliefs about minority groups that often leads to understated bias without conscious awareness. It will be followed by criticisms of the concept of. African American , Black people , Implicit Association Test 1233 Words | 4 Pages. Critical Annotated Bibliography: Women in STEM. back up the planet essay, ideas presented in the feasibility report.

Jackson, Sarah M., Amy L. Hillard, and publishing Tamera R. Schneider. Using Implicit Bias Training . to Improve Attitudes toward Women in STEM. Social Psychology of Education 17.3 (2014): 419-38. Retrieved from This article focuses on treeless planet essay, the influences of implicit biases on opinions towards women in ashgate phd thesis, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It references several studies in which. Implicit Association Test , Technology , Woman 857 Words | 5 Pages. Blink the Power of thinking used life Thinking Without Thinking. affective because there is no need to know everything about the ashgate publishing phd thesis, married couples, instead they look for the unconscious remarks. One lesson about the dental hygiene, . shortcomings of thin slicing is the Implicit Association Test.

The Implicit Association test shows us that regardless of our conscious beliefs we unconsciously make implicit associations between different types of traits. This also shows us that we tend to ashgate phd thesis favor with what we associate the most. Thesis. This affects how we judge situations and people. It turns. Art museum , Blink , Getty Center 1271 Words | 4 Pages. one is conscious of, and therefore, able to report while implicit self- esteem exists outside the consciousness (Kernis, 2003). Phd Thesis. Thus, . Hygiene. individuals are said to have secure high self-esteem when their self-reported self-evaluations (explicit self-esteem) coincide with their real self-esteem shown in practice ( implicit self-esteem). People with secure high self-esteem are confident because they can prove their explicit self-evaluations with implicit self-evaluations which show their self-reported self-evaluations. Celebrity , High school , High School Musical 2804 Words | 7 Pages.

cope with the ashgate, basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness. Upload Thesis Options File. According to publishing Branden, self-esteem is the sum of treeless self-confidence (a feeling of personal . capacity) and publishing self-respect (a feeling of personal worth). It exists as a consequence of the implicit judgement that every person does about, on one side, his/her ability to face life's challenges, that is, to understand and essays solve problems, and, on the other side, his right to achieve happiness, or, in other words, to respect and defend his own interests. Emotion , Human rights , Implicit self-esteem 2156 Words | 6 Pages. How Deception is ashgate publishing phd thesis linked with Self-esteem among Male Collage Students. participants are asked to sign two consent forms at different times. The area which the essay on blindness, signature covers illustrate their self-esteem, more crucially, the publishing phd thesis, . change of writing manchester met signature size area which is occurred due to publishing phd thesis temporal differences points out change in implicit self-esteem. There are numerous studies which are designed to measure how self-esteem associates with signature size. In particular, 57 introductory psychology students at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, took the dental hygiene application essays, Tennessee Self-Concept. Alcohol abuse , Animorphs , Bullying 1809 Words | 8 Pages. Implicit Association Test Jennifer Johnson ETH/125 November 27, 2010 Leah J. Mancuso Implicit Association Test My result . of IAT is about the same as I am.

I results say that I treat everything equally and fairly. This was very all the tests. I think it was correct because I do not judge people at all. I think that it depends on how you see people. I think it depends on the person doing it and reflexes. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. Each answer requires the person to sascha dissertation push a button on race or group. I think reflexes make. Bogardus Social Distance Scale , Implicit Association Test , Likert scale 622 Words | 2 Pages. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell: Theory of Thin-Slicing.

high rate of accuracy. This process makes it possible to publishing phd thesis gather information to make an important decision in writing manchester, such a short amount of time, it’s almost . instantaneously. Thin-slicing can also be wrong, which we’ll see in the following examples. The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is an example of the dark side of ashgate phd thesis thin-slicing. This test was made by psychologists. This test brought forth a profound observation, which was that we make connections much more quickly between pairs of ideas that are already.

Blink , Consciousness , Implicit Association Test 2378 Words | 6 Pages. hostile feelings toward anyone who questions the individual's self-worth, an example of threatened egotism. Implicit self-esteem refers to a . person's disposition to evaluate their selves positively or negatively in a spontaneous, automatic, or unconscious manner. It contrasts with explicit self-esteem, which entails more conscious and reflective self-evaluation. Both explicit self-esteem and implicit self-esteem are subtypes of self-esteem proper. Narcissism is a disposition people may have that represents.

Happiness , Implicit self-esteem , Motivation 948 Words | 3 Pages. motivator of human behavior (Maslow 1943, McClelland et al. 1953). Self-esteem can be broken down into two components; explicit, which is conscious and . deliberate. The other is implicit , which is automatic and dental application non-conscious. Explicit self-esteem can imitate the conscious and deliberate understanding of phd thesis experiences. Implicit self-esteem is designed mostly via non-conscious self-development. Both components constitute what is dental essays self-esteem. The growth of self-esteem begins in ashgate phd thesis, the early years of how is critical thinking in everyday life an. Implicit self-esteem , Individual , Interpersonal relationship 918 Words | 3 Pages.

| 1,586,000 | TOTAL EXPLICIT COST = GH?1,586,000 Total implicit cost Personal savings of GH? 200000 will earn him 30% . interest of that. =30% of 200000 =GH? 60,000 ( Implicit cost) TOTAL ECONOMIC COST =Total explicit cost +Total Implicit cost =1,586,000 + 60,000 =GH?1,646,000 B. ACCOUNTING PROFIT The Accountant takes into consideration explicit costs but does not take into consideration implicit costs: PROFIT=TOTAL REVENUE- TOTAL COST Total Revenue=GH?1,940,000 Total. Costs , Economic cost , Expense 255 Words | 2 Pages. conditioning. However, the effect of reward and punishment on procedural learning is ashgate publishing not known. The striatum is dental known to be an important locus of . reward-related neural signals and part of the neural substrate of procedural learning. Here, using an implicit motor learning task, we show that reward leads to phd thesis enhancement of learning in human subjects, whereas punishment is associated only with improvement in motor performance. Furthermore, these behavioral effects have distinct neural substrates with the.

Cognitive science , Dopamine , Functional magnetic resonance imaging 3431 Words | 11 Pages. Retelling Is Not the Same as Recalling. during our class, you have talked a lot about memory and it is a huge topic. As i remember, during the class, we have talked a lot about brehm dissertation memory. Ashgate. There are a . lot of facts could affect out memory. They are link to this article. Such as, explicit memory, implicit memory, context-dependent memory and state dependent memory. They are some information we have discussed during the class which is sascha connect with this article. Publishing Phd Thesis. After i read this article, i know more about how recalling affects our memory accuracy.

Emotion , Emotion and memory , Explicit memory 562 Words | 2 Pages. Essentials of Psychology: How Sensory Memory Works. hard-drive and saving it there. It’s filed and coded so that we can retrieve it when we want and need it. The first two sections of long term memory are . explicit and implicit memory. Firstly, explicit memory, is the how is life, memories that we know we possess. I know it sounds confusing but for ashgate publishing example recalling an actor from your favorite TV show.

Implicit memory is a type of memory in brehm dissertation, which previous experiences aid the performance of publishing phd thesis a task without conscious awareness of these previous experiences. Like base animal. Five senses , Implicit memory , Memory 818 Words | 2 Pages. _____is crucial for the formation of LTMs Correct A.the hippocampus B.synaptic consolidation C.vitamin B1 D.deep processing . Answer Key: A Question 8 of 10 5.0/ 5.0 Points Which of the planet essay, following is ashgate phd thesis NOT an how is critical thinking in everyday, example of an implicit memory? A.Classical conditioning B.Priming C.Procedural memory Correct D.Semantic memory Answer Key: D Question 9 of 10 5.0/ 5.0 Points Work with brain-injured patients reveals that _____memory does not depend on. Alzheimer's disease , Hippocampus , Implicit memory 2574 Words | 15 Pages. powerful than any computer. Answer: b; Difficult 8. Which alternative correctly identifies a type of memory, a memory stage, or a memory process? a. Ashgate. . retrieval – memory stage b. encoding – memory process c. sensory memory – type of essay on blindness in oedipus memory d. Ashgate Publishing. implicit memory – memory stage e. short-term memory – type of brehm memory Answer: b; Moderate 9. Which of the following describes explicit memory? a. Knowledge or experiences that can be consciously remembered b. Memory of the first-hand experiences. Episodic memory , Hippocampus , Implicit memory 11806 Words | 53 Pages. less than other kinds of memory recall.

This is because there are more cues and “environmental supports” that make information easier to recall. In older . adults the most decline is seen in memory that requires deliberate processing (Berk, 2010). Implicit memory, or unconscious memory, is also less affected than explicit memory, or memory that is publishing deliberate. But memory decline can be somewhat adverted with cognitive activity. Above average education and dissertation an active social life predicts maintenance. Cognitive psychology , Exercise physiology , Heart 505 Words | 2 Pages. with a cued recall task. Publishing. Their results showed that hearing words at study consistently produced larger priming effects than imagining words on auditory . Treeless Planet Essay. implicit tests. Lastly, their study revealed that sensitivity of a memory test to perceptual information (directly perceived or imagined) is an extremely imperative dimension for dissociating implicit and explicit retrieval processes.

Lastly, we predicted that critical lures would have a higher chance of being recalled in a blocked condition. Amnesia , Cognition , Experiment 2468 Words | 11 Pages. Conclusion This is sample text. This is sample text. This is sample text. This is sample text. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. This is sample text.

This is sascha brehm dissertation sample text. This is sample text. Ashgate. . Brehm. This is sample text. Bibliography (??1??,??Times New Roman, ????,) Roediger, H. L. (1990). Implicit memory: A commentary. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 28, 373-380. Tulving, E., Schacter, D. Ashgate. L. (1990). Priming and human memory systems. Science, 247, 301-305. How Is Critical Thinking In Everyday. … (??????Times New Roman,????????,1.5???,????,???????????) Appendices I (??1??,??Times. Implicit memory , Memory , Priming 460 Words | 5 Pages.

Abstraction and generalisation On unspecific tests: Free recall Hyperspecificity On specific tests: Priming, cued recall Hyperspecificity on unspecific . tests depending on novelty/distinctiveness 59 Next lecture: Dissociations of memory Implicit vs. Ashgate. explicit memory More transfer-appropriate processing Memory contamination and how is critical thinking in everyday life the processdissociation procedure . Cognition , Cue-dependent forgetting , Implicit memory 2266 Words | 19 Pages. rehearsal 73. Publishing. 74. Raymond remembers, “When I was a sophomore, I took the hardest physics test of my life, and essay in oedipus I was happy with my C.” This memory . represents a(n) 75. A) 76. implicit memory. B) procedural memory. C) explicit memory. D) prime memory.

77. 78. Episodic memory is a form of 79. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. A) 80. implicit memory. B) explicit memory. Writing Met. C) traumatic memory. D) involuntary memory. 81. 82. Remembering the three stages of publishing memory is an example of 83. A) 84. procedural memory.

Amnesia , Declarative memory , Episodic memory 1762 Words | 15 Pages. audio track from the TV ad This coordinated | | |TV-radio strategy, suggested in thesis design options, several sources (e.g., Advertising Age 1985; . Publishing Phd Thesis. Runyon 1984; | | |Sternthal and Craig 1984), involves the implicit assumption that when consumers are exposed to a| | |TV ad and later hear the audio on the radio, the audio track serves as a retrieval cue to in oedipus the | | |video representation of the ad and associated. Advertising , Brand , Communication design 12458 Words | 47 Pages. break up * Varies (around trait) Measurrring self-esteem * With explicit measures * Self-report * Problems * Self-presenting . Phd Thesis. * Want to see self as good (self-deception) * Thankfully, psychologists developed implicit measures! * Measuring self-esteem via priming * Prime “nurse” (activate) “doctor” * To implicitly measure, we use “me” to see if it’ll prime “good” * If after thinking about critical thinking used in everyday life self for a while(by writing an essay about. Cognitive dissonance , Implicit Association Test , Motivation 14375 Words | 64 Pages. High Self-Esteem Results to High Job Performance. approval or disapproval, and publishing phd thesis indicates the essay, extent to which the individual believes the self to be capable, significant, successful and worthy” (Tharenou, . 1979).

In general, self-esteem can be categorized as implicit self-esteem and explicit self-esteem (Grumm, Nestler Collani, 2009). Phd Thesis. Implicit self-esteem is positively related to the magnitude of the evaluative conditioning effect, while explicit self-esteem shows no significant relationship with the evaluative conditioning effect (Zhang Chan. Behavior , Correlation and dependence , Implicit self-esteem 2957 Words | 9 Pages. we do not have control over. The article “How (UN) ethical are you?” describe four sources that are related to the unintentional unethical decision making: . implicit forms of prejudice, bias that favors one’s own group, conflict of interest, and a tendency to over claim credit. The bias that emerges from unconscious beliefs or the implicit prejudice is how is deeply embedded in ashgate publishing, the fundamental mechanics of the dental hygiene application essays, thought. In order to organize our world, and phd thesis make our life easier, we tend to sascha brehm automatically. Critical thinking , Discrimination , Ethics 703 Words | 2 Pages. The Architecture and ashgate publishing phd thesis Datasets of Docear’s Research Paper Recommender System. allows for analyses for users with less than 20 papers in their collections.

The dataset also contains the information of how often a paper occurs in upload thesis file, a . mind-map. This information could be used to infer implicit ratings that are not only binary (linked/not linked) but to weight the implicit rating. The datasets about Docear’s users and recommendations contain extensive information, among others, about users’ demographics, the number of received and clicked recommendations, and publishing phd thesis specifics about. Cold start , Implicit data collection , Information filtering system 6703 Words | 8 Pages. environment. These states then affect subsequent responding. Consistent with Campbell's treatment, attitudes do not exist at all until an individual . perceives an attitude object (on a conscious or unconscious basis) and responds to design options it on an explicit or implicit basis. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. This first response should not be considered entirely learned from the sascha brehm, environment because it may be influenced by evolved predispositions or at least by an initial bias that directs attention to the stimuli that constitute the attitude object. Attitude , Attitude change , Cognitive dissonance 8606 Words | 27 Pages.

Emerging Technology: Recommendation Systems and Streaming Music Services. user’s profile, both systems make distinctions between implicit and ashgate publishing explicit data collection (Parsons et al., 2004), such as asking a user to . Ma Creative. rate an item on a sliding scale, ranking a collection of items from favorite to least favorite, giving two items to a user and asking them to choose the ashgate phd thesis, best one of the in oedipus, two, or asking the user to publishing create a list of ma creative writing items that he or she likes—all of ashgate publishing which are examples of explicit data collection. Implicit data collection includes observing the ma creative manchester met, items a user views. Cold start , Electronic commerce , Implicit data collection 2722 Words | 8 Pages. Fear and Loathing across Party Lines: New Evidence on Group Polarization.

clearly increased. Ashgate. We document the scope and consequences of affective polarization using implicit , explicit, and behavioral indicators. Our . Writing Met. evidence demonstrates not only that hostile feelings for publishing phd thesis the out-party are ingrained or automatic in voters’ psyches, but also that affective polarization based on party surpasses polarization based on race and other social cleavages. After documenting the extent of implicit party polarization, we show that party cues exert powerful effects on non-political judgments. Identity politics , Ideology , Implicit Association Test 2551 Words | 20 Pages. cope with the basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness. According to sascha brehm Branden, self-esteem is the sum of self-confidence (a feeling of personal . capacity) and phd thesis self-respect (a feeling of personal worth). It exists as a consequence of the implicit judgment that every person has of life their ability to face life's challenges, to understand and publishing phd thesis solve problems, and their right to achieve happiness, and be given respect.[7]As a social psychological construct, self-esteem is thesis design file attractive because researchers. Abraham Maslow , Human , Implicit self-esteem 5297 Words | 8 Pages. Fortune 500 companies and ashgate publishing phd thesis is leading diversity efforts for PricewaterhouseCoppers LLP. She is doing very well for a “woman” but even with all her . accomplishments Jennifer still associates women with families and men with careers.

This is known by the Implicit Associate Test she took. Jennifer goes on to say she was raised in a family where her father was the breadwinner and her mother stayed at treeless planet home. Zabeen Hirji explains that having these ideas doesn’t make you a bad person just normal and after you. Gender , Implicit Association Test , Woman 745 Words | 3 Pages. Intrusiveness Recommendations given by recommender systems are based on the user’s opinion of the content. Opinions are expressed by ashgate phd thesis, ratings.

Recommender . systems are often distinguished by whether they operate on intrusive(explicit) or nonintrusive( implicit ) ratings. Intrusive rating refers to sascha dissertation a user consciously expressing his or her preference for ashgate phd thesis an item, normally in treeless essay, a binary or numerical scale. Using a binary scale, the user can only indicate whether he or she likes or dislikes an item, while using. Cold start , Collective intelligence , Implicit data collection 18221 Words | 74 Pages.

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Saturn Essay Research Paper Saturn is phd thesis the. Saturn Essay, Research Paper. Saturn is the outermost planet of the planets known in ancient times. The earliest known observations of Saturn, by the Babylonians, can be reliably dated to the mid-7th century BC, but it was probably noticed much earlier, since Saturn tends to shine brighter than most stars. To the naked eye it appears yellowish. Sascha Brehm. The Greeks named it after Cronus, the original ruler of Olympus, who in Roman is the god Saturn.

Saturn is the phd thesis 6th planet in order distance from the dissertation sun. It cannot approach the planet Earth closer than 1,190,000,000 kilometers. Its brightness is due to its large size. Saturn’s equatorial diameter is 120,660 kilometers, but its globe is kind of ashgate publishing flattened, and the polar diameter is only 108,000 kilometers. The mass of Saturn is 95.17 times that of the Earth, and on blindness in oedipus, the escape velocity, which is the velocity which once attained it will enable the object to “coast” away from the planet, is 32.26 kilometers per second, more than three times that of the Earth. Saturn’s outer layers are made up of gas, it is a world quite unlike our own. Saturn’s ring system is in a class of its own.

While Jupiter and Uranus also have rings, those of ashgate phd thesis Saturn are striking, and a telescope of moderate power will show them excellently. There can be no doubt that Saturn is one of the most beautiful objects in the sky. The first telescopic observations of Saturn have been made by Galileo in July 1610. How Is Critical Thinking Used Life. He saw the disk of the planet clearly, but his telescope gave only a magnification of 32 diameters and phd thesis, that was not good enough to show the ring system in critical thinking in everyday life the way we know it nowadays. Galileo thought that Saturn must be a triple planet and wrote that “Saturn is not one alone, but is composed of three, which almost touch one another.” Two years later, he found to his surprise that the “companions” had vanished, so that Saturn appeared as a single object. The ring system was then edge-on to the Earth, and this is phd thesis why it could not be seen in Galileo’s telescope.

The original aspect was seen again in the years following 1613, but Galileo was never able to interpret it correctly. Various strange theories were proposed to explain the planet’s unusual form. Hevelius of Danzig, for example, believed Saturn to be elliptical in shape, with two “appendages” attached to the surface. The problem was solved by a Dutch astronomer, Christian Huygens, who began his observations in 1655. The telescopes that he used were much more powerful than Galileo’s, and gave a sharper defintion, so in a short time he concluded that “ Saturn is surrounded by a thin, flat ring which nowhere touches the body of the in everyday life planet.” His theory was not widely excepted, but by 1665 it had been universally accepted, even though the ashgate publishing phd thesis nature of the ring system was not established until much later. Data for Saturn are given in table one on the next page. Table 1: Planetary Data For Saturn. Distance from the Sun Mean 9.54 a.u. Upload. (1,472,000,000 km) Maximum 10.07 a.u.

Sidereal period of revolution 10,759.20 days, or 29.26 years. Mean synodic period 378.1 days. Rotation period(means) 10 hours 39 minutes 24 seconds. Mean orbital velocity 9.6 km/sec. Axial inclination 26 44’ Orbital inclination to the elliptic 2 29’22” Orbital eccentricity 0.056.

(polar) 120,660 km. Apparent diameter seen from Earth Maximum 21” Mass (Earth=1) 95.17. Volume (Earth=1) 744. Density (water=1) 0.7. Among planetary orbits, that of Saturn is ashgate publishing phd thesis of fairly low eccentricity (0.056), though the difference in distance between perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) and treeless essay, aphelion (farthest retreat from the Sun) amounts to 160,000,000 kilometers. Because Saturn is so far from the Sun and the Earth Saturn always appears to be full, or nearly so, in the sense of the full moon.

The mean synodic period, the interval between successive oppositions, when the Earth passes approximately between Saturn and the Sun, is 378.1 days, so that Saturn is well placed for observation during several months in each year. Opposition dates up to publishing phd thesis, 1990 are April 8, 1982; April 21, 1983; May 3, 1984; May 15, 1985; May 27, 1986; June 9, 1987; June 20, 1988; July 2, 1989; and July 14, 1990. Like all the superior planets, that is all outwards from the Earth, Saturn moves for the greater part of each year eastward. Its average rate is brehm dissertation about 1 in eight days. As it approaches opposition its motion seems to slow down and to phd thesis, stop all together for treeless planet, about 70 days before the opposition date. Ashgate Phd Thesis. For a period that may be as little as 133 days or as great as 141 days, it then seems to move in upload thesis design options file a retrograde, or westward, direction before reaching another stationary point and resuming its eastward movement. This behavior does not indicate any real alteration in motion. The apparent regression is due to the fact that the ashgate Earth moving in a much smaller orbit at a greater velocity, is catching up with Saturn and passing it. Saturn’s color is yellowish, darker belts parallel with its equator are always seen. These belts are not nearly as attracting as those on Jupiter, nor do they show so much detail.

Saturn’s greater distance and smaller size make it less easy to critical thinking in everyday, study than Jupiter, the beauty of Saturn’s rings system tends to divert attention from ashgate publishing phd thesis its disk, particularly when the rings are wide open, thereby hiding a considerable part of the globe. Saturn’s albedo, which is the proportion of incident light it reflects, is 0.61. The planet’s apparent magnitude, which is its brightness as it appears from Earth, depends largely upon the angle at which the ring system is displayed, largely because the rings are more reflective than the disk. When the rings are wide open, the magnitude attains -0.3, so that, of stars, only Sirius and Canopus appear brighter than Saturn. At oppositions when the rings are edge-on, as in 1980, the magnitude is as low as +0.08, though even at these times Saturn is still prominent. The equatorial zone appears creamy, sometimes almost white. The polar regions are almost always less brilliant. The belts, unlike those of Jupiter, do not show obvious colors.

Well-defined spots on Saturn are rare. The most prominent example sighted during the present century was that discovered on August 3, 1933, by essay on blindness in oedipus, the English amateur W.T. Hay, using a six-inch refractor. The spot took the publishing phd thesis form of ma creative manchester met a large white oval patch in the equatorial zone, about one-fifth of the planet’s diameter in length, and with both ends well defined. Ashgate Publishing. During the next few weeks it lengthened rapidly, until by mid-September it had spread out so much that it could no longer be called a spot. Pioneer 11 was the first unmanned space probe to meet with Saturn in September 1979. Treeless. It had already passed by Jupiter, which had been its main objective, but valuable information about Saturn was obtained. The second space probe was Voyager 1, which made its closest approach on November 12, 1980, wen it passed only 124,200 kilometers above Saturn’s clouds. Its twin Voyager 2, was scheduled to make its meeting with Saturn in August 1981.

Detailed views and ashgate publishing phd thesis, a great amount of new information were obtained by Voyager 1. Though Saturn’s disk is blander than that of planet Jupiter because of a greater amount of overlying “haze,” much detail was shown. A red spot was detected in the southern hemisphere, with brownish ovals in the northern hemisphere. Measurements of the locations of individual features at different times yielded data concerning the speed of the ashgate phd thesis winds, and it seems that Saturn’s circulation is different from that of Jupiter. The maximum westward velocities of Saturn occur near the centers of dark regions. In the critical thinking used in everyday polar latitudes, the large-scale light and dark bands break down into small-scale features, giving the impression of waves and eddies. Publishing. The wind velocity at the cloud tops seems to be about hygiene application 1,400 kilometers per hour, or twice that of Jupiter. According to a recent theory, Saturn has an iron and ashgate, rock core that extends out 13,000 to 14,000 kilometers from its center and is so compressed that it contains 15 to 20 times the mass of the Earth. Surrounding the how is core is a layer of electrically conductive metallic hydrogen in phd thesis liquid form, outside of which is an essay on blindness in oedipus, envelope of hydrogen and helium. There is a magnetic field 1,000 times stronger than that of the Earth, though far weaker than that of publishing Jupiter. Treeless Planet Essay. The magnetic axis is almost coincident with the axis of rotation, and the magnetosphere extends out beyond the orbit of the largest satellite, Titan. There are fairly strong radiation belts, but these, again, are much weaker than those of Jupiter.

The temperature at the cloud tops of Saturn is approximately –180 C. A theory that the planet might be self-luminous has been disproved. Saturn, like Jupiter, releases about ashgate phd thesis twice the amount of energy it receives from the Sun, indicating the dissertation existence of an publishing, internal source of heat. While Jupiter emits energy from the on blindness gravitational contraction that occurred when the planet was formed about 4,600,000,000 years ago, it is unlikely that the heat source of Saturn is similar. Saturn is ashgate publishing phd thesis smaller and less massive and has a lower overall density, therefore, any heat remaining from the gravitational contraction of Saturn would have been dissipated long ago. Sascha. Instead, the heat source of Saturn may result from the separation of hydrogen and helium in the planet’s outer layers, with the heavier helium sinking through the ashgate publishing phd thesis liquid hydrogen middle layer. The rings of Saturn are much more prominent than those of how is critical used in everyday Jupiter or Uranus, and they are different in nature. Saturn’s rings are made up of ashgate icy or ice-covered particles. Manchester. Each ring moving around Saturn moves in its own independent orbit. Phd Thesis. The ring plane remains in an almost fixed position with reference to the stars, but as seen from the Earth and Sun the tilt of the rings are continually changing. Ma Creative Manchester Met. Twice in each Saturnian revolution the ashgate publishing phd thesis plane of the rings passes through the Sun. A few months before and after each such occasion, the ring plane passes through the Earth, which is treeless planet near the ashgate phd thesis sun as viewed from sascha Saturn.

Two of the three main rings, termed A (outer) and ashgate phd thesis, B, are bright. In 1675 G.D. Brehm Dissertation. Cassini, at the Paris Observatory, discovered the gap between them, known as Cassini’s Division. The “ring” seen by Huygens was a combination of the two, and publishing phd thesis, his telescope was not good enough to show the critical thinking division. Ring B is ashgate phd thesis much brighter of the two. In 1837 J.F. Encke, at Berlin, discovered a less prominent division in Ring A, known as Encke’s Division. In 1850 a dusky inner ring, ring C, was discovered by W.C. Bond and G.P.

Bond. This is known as the essay on blindness Cr?pe Ring. The outer diameter of Ring A is 272,300 kilometers, the inner diameter 239,600 kilometers. For ring B, the outer and inner diameters are 234,200 kilometers and 181.1000 kilometers. The inner diameter of ring C is 149,300 kilometers, so that it extends 17,000 kilometers above the cloud tops. New rings have been discovered since then. Ashgate. A dusky ring, closer in than ring C was reported by telescopic observers. Voyager 1 results indicate that a ring, designated ring D, does not exist there. Outside ring A is the writing clumpy and braided Ring F. Rings E and G were also shown on Voyager 1 images. Voyager 1 showed that the rings are much more complex than had been thought.

Each contains hundreds of components, and there are several distinct narrow rings inside the Cassini Division. It was once thought that the ashgate publishing main divisions in on blindness the ring system were due to the cumulative perturbation effects of Saturn’s satellites, but this explanation is clearly inadequate, and other forces must be involved. Saturn has 15 known satellites, details of which are given in table 2 . An additional satellite named Thames, was reported by W.H. Pickering in the early 20th century, but it has not been recovered and probably does not exist. In 1966 A. Dollfus announced the discovery of an inner satellite, named Janus, moving at 169,000 kilometers from Saturn in a period of ashgate publishing phd thesis 0.815 day. The Voyager probe showed that there is no satellite moving in this orbit, and the name Janus has been dropped. It is upload thesis design probable that Dollfus’s observations actually related to some of the small inner satellites discovered by the Pioneer 11 and Voyager probes. The unnamed satellites S.14 and S.13 move in orbits close to the inner and outer edges of Ring F and probably keep this ring stable. Ashgate Publishing. S.10 and how is critical thinking life, S.11 move in the same orbit, and must periodically approach each other closely, though clearly they do not collide. S.12 moves in the same orbit as Dione. Phoebe, the outermost satellite, was not within the range of Voyager 1 probe, and ashgate publishing phd thesis, little is known about dental application it.

It may be a captured asteroid. Publishing. Iapetus is unique in having one hemisphere of high albedo and ma creative manchester, the other of low albedo, this explains why when Saturn is observed from publishing phd thesis Earth the how is critical in everyday west side appears much more brighter than the east side. As with all the other satellites, Iapetus has a captured rotation, that is publishing its axial rotation period is equal to the time taken to treeless, complete one orbit. Table 2, Satellites of Saturn. Satellite Distance from ashgate publishing center of Saturn (km) Period. (days) Orbital eccentricity Orbital inclination.

S.15 138,200 0.60 ? ? 80. S.14 138,600 0.613 ? ? 500. S.13 141,000 0.629 0.007 ? 600. S.10 149,400 0.695 0.013 ? 700. S.11 149,400 0.695 0.013 ? 135?70. Mimas 185.400 0.942 0.020 1.5 350. Enceladus 238,200 1.370 0.004 0.0 520. Tethys 294,600 1.888 0.000 1.1 1,020. Dione 377,400 2.737 0.002 0.0 1,120. S.12 377,400 2.737 0.0? 0.5?

80. Rhea 526,800 4.518 0.001 0.4 1,530. Titan 1,200,000 15.95 0.029 0.3 5,100. Hyperion 1,482,000 21.28 0.104 0.4 440. Iapetus 3,558,000 79.33 0.028 14.7 1,440. Phoebe * 12,960,000 550.4 0.163 150 80. * Phoebe moves around Saturn in treeless planet a retrograde direction. Rhea, Dione, Tethys, and Mimas have icy, cratered surfaces. One huge crater on Mimas has more than one-third the diameter of the satellite itself, so that, if the crater were formed by phd thesis, impact, it seems that Mimas would have been in ma creative writing manchester met danger of breaking up.

Enceladus was not well shown from Voyager 1, but it may be comparatively smooth. Titan, by far the largest of Saturn’s satellites, is in a class of its own because of its dense atmosphere. Data obtained from phd thesis Voyager 1 indicate that the sascha atmospheric pressure at Titan’s surface is 1.5 to two times that of the Earth at sea level. The actual surface of the phd thesis satellite has an orange-colored layer of what may be called “photochemical smog.” Titan’s atmosphere is used in everyday life made up almost entirely of nitrogen with little amounts of methane and cyanide. It is possible that the intensely cold surface is covered, at least in part, by oceans of liquid nitrogen.

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2017 MBA Essay Questions: UC-Berkeley Haas. 2017 Haas Full-Time MBA Essay Questions Class of 2020. The essay questions for the Berkeley-Haas full-time MBA app are: Tell us a six-word story that reflects a memorable experience in ashgate publishing your life-to-date. Elaborate on why it is meaningful to essay you. (250 words) Choose one: (250 words) Describe a significant obstacle you have encountered and how it has impacted you. Describe how you have cultivated a diverse and ashgate publishing phd thesis inclusive culture.

Describe a leadership experience and how you made a positive and lasting impact. These are very very short, but they#8217;re nicely focused and critical in everyday clearly worded, and you should not have trouble sharing something important with your reader #8212; once you cut through your own fluff! The second one is particularly tricky, and we predict that very few applicants will attempt that one. Want to stand out? Try for option 2 (if you can pull it off with a story of substance that truly answers the ashgate publishing, question!). The adcom will be impressed by BSers who do that well.

Answer both: Briefly describe your immediate post-MBA career goals (50 words maximum) 50 words? Dang. How have prior experiences motivated and prepared you to pursue these goals? (250 words maximum) Not much space here either. #128577; We#8217;re not crazy AT ALL about these changes. Sorry, Haas, these are not Haasome; actually, you#8217;re making it ha-ha-ha-HARD on your applicants. Sorry but 50 words is planet essay just not enough to present a robust career goal. It#8217;s enough to state the ashgate phd thesis, very essence of it, which apparently is the dental application essays, point, but then all they get is 250 words to ashgate publishing provide foundation for it? We get it, that part is super important, but there#8217;s JUST NOT ENOUGH ROOM. When other schools have squeezed essays this small Duke, Wharton did so in in oedipus the past, and they expanded them again the year after. Haas, we encourage you to ashgate publishing be more generous!

You always were before. The whole #8220;authenticity#8221; thing is paramount on treeless planet essay, question 2 also. EssaySnark#8217;s Career Goals App Accelerator will help you define the essence of what you need to cover. Ashgate! Career goals has always been one of the writing, most important parts of the Haas application, though certainly not the only one. Haas has long used more avant garde questions, such as that 6-word story, as part of its MBA app requirements.

All told, this is an opportunity for you to show who you are #8212; though you only have 800 words total to ashgate phd thesis do it! Aaaaargh! Be sure to study the essay on blindness, tips that the adcom has offered on their instructions page. And while career goals are indeed important, it#8217;s also wise to start your research process by diving in to their Defining Principles understanding those is critical! Each of publishing, those three Essay 2 options is asking you to share a difficult situation that you overcame and ma creative manchester met each is also an opportunity to highlight a success.

There#8217;s definitely a chance to show how you#8217;ve worked with others in a productive way. Stories can be personal or professional, though generally speaking, we suggest that Essay 2 lean in ashgate publishing the professional direction, depending on what else you#8217;re able to treeless planet cover in the other essays. Ashgate! You need a balance. You will certainly want to get our 2017 Haas application guide. Pro Tip: Be careful about buying used hardcopy versions on the Internet; they are ALL outdated. We have not published to hardcopy in many years. The only current versions of ma creative writing, school-specific guides are available right here on You can see the phd thesis, archive of options, essay questions down below for insights (and criticisms) that we offered in previous years, some of which are still relevant today. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis! You can also see our Haas essay reviews for a discussion of BSers attempts to answer past years#8217; incarnations of these questions. The class size is increasing at Berkeley, to the 300 level, which is dental hygiene essays a dramatic change from where they have traditionally held it (they#8217;d been around 240 students for a long time). Phd Thesis! Given how much app volumes have been up, this is brehm a good thing!

They ask the four questions that certain schools including Stanford are asking, plus one more and that last one is really tricky since it#8217;s so specific to Haas. Ashgate! You definitely should consider picking up our Recommender#8217;s Instruction Sets if you#8217;re applying here. Berkeley-Haas 2017 Dates and planet Deadlines. Round 1: September 21, 2017 This year, the Round 1 deadline has been moved up a week, so it#8217;s now in the same vicinity as schools like MIT, Wharton and Stanford. It had been nice when the publishing phd thesis, Haas deadline was staggered. Unfortunately this means that some people are going to be scrambling for sascha brehm, Haas and based on the patterns of BSer behavior that we know too well, their apps will suffer. Publishing Phd Thesis! #128577; That extra week had been beneficial to Haas in giving them stronger apps. Also, interview invites are scattered at this school, they can come at any time, all the way up into December (though that#8217;s pretty rare) Round 2: January 4, 2018 Another after-the-holidays crunch date. Brehm Dissertation! Not sure why these schools can#8217;t space things out a bit more in that first week of the ashgate publishing phd thesis, year. Application Essays! NOTE: Haas used to have four rounds; in 2013, they standardized to three. We are telling you about phd thesis this in case you come across an older post here on the blahg that talks about four rounds at this school or that says it#8217;s OK to apply in round 3. Now, it#8217;s not advisable to do so (really most definitely not). Ma Creative Manchester Met! Just like with other American schools, you should aim to publishing apply to Haas in sascha dissertation either Fall or January and don#8217;t bother with Round 3. Haas sometimes has these fun little contests where you can win a consult with one of their adcom peeps worth paying attention to them on social media! from the EssaySnark blahg:

We#8217;ve offered quite a lot of ashgate phd thesis, Haas essay advice on ma creative writing met, the blahg: And some really old reviews but still very relevant, given the ashgate, Haas Defining Principles and all that jazz: For Reference: Berkeley#8217;s Past-Season Questions. Included in case anyone wants to see what Haas asked before. Click to view 2016 questions. 2016 Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis. Here#8217;s what we said when last year#8217;s questions came out#8230; remember this analysis is from *last year*. They#8217;ve maintained nearly the same essay requirements this year, but they#8217;ve helped all of you new Brave Supplicants (sort of) by adding clarifications to the questions on their instructions page. Sascha! A lot of those clarifications were already covered in our Haas Essay Guide in past years so that#8217;s more validation that the #8216;Snark will steer you in ashgate publishing phd thesis the right direction! The new essays for the Berkeley-Haas full-time MBA app are: If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and why? (250 words) Choose one: (250 words) Describe an experience that has fundamentally changed the dissertation, way you see the world and how it transformed you. Describe a time when you were challenged by perspectives different from publishing phd thesis your own and how you responded.

Describe a difficult decision you have made and why it was challenging. Essay In Oedipus! Tell us about your career plans. How have your past experiences prepared you to ashgate publishing achieve these goals? How will Berkeley-Haas help you? (500 words maximum) Phew! They fixed the problems with essay 3! Last year#8217;s version was not our favorite; it made it tough for BSers to focus on the elements that we know are important to Haas. It#8217;s great that Berkeley has gone back to ma creative writing met a more productively-phrased prompt for all of you. EssaySnark#8217;s Career Goals App Accelerator can guide you towards a rock solid pitch that covers the ashgate, elements they#8217;re asking for. Thinking Used In Everyday! And while career goals are indeed important, be sure you start out by ashgate publishing, diving in to their Defining Principles they#8217;re critical! It#8217;s also nice to see the clarifications on brehm dissertation, the song essay, but we actually suggest that you stick with an English song with lyrics.

It#8217;s much easier to phd thesis talk about why the song is important if you can easily describe the song, which is what lyrics (in English) will do. You can go more avant garde with it but we simply warn you that it may make it harder to convey its significance. Don#8217;t get too creative. Ma Creative Writing Manchester Met! Stay grounded in the realities of WHY this song is so important as a descriptor of who you are. (And a special tip from the publishing phd thesis, #8216;Snark: You may want to rethink that idea to use the met, U2 song #8220;A Beautiful Day#8221; for your answer. Ashgate Publishing! You#8217;re not the first BSer to how is critical thinking in everyday have thought of publishing, that one.) Each of those three Essay 2 options is upload thesis options file asking you to share a difficult situation that you overcame and each is also an opportunity to highlight a success.

There#8217;s definitely a chance to publishing show how you#8217;ve worked with others in a productive way. Stories can be personal or professional, though generally speaking, we suggest that Essay 2 lean in the professional direction. Even though the questions appear largely the same, you will still want to options get our Haas application guide for the current year which, good news, is now available! (Please be careful about publishing phd thesis buying used hardcopy versions on application, the Internet; they are ALL outdated. We have not published to hardcopy in several years. The only current versions of phd thesis, school-specific guides are available right here on And, good news: We#8217;ve heard that Berkeley is sascha brehm increasing the size of the Class of 2019. It#8217;s been around 240 students for a long time and we believe they#8217;re edging up to maybe 250 or 260 (unconfirmed numbers) in the coming admissions season. Given how much app volumes have been up across most of the schools, this is a good thing! [end discussion of last year#8217;s questions] Click to ashgate publishing phd thesis view 2015 questions. Application Essays! 2015 Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis.

Once again they have three essays, including Essay 2 where they#8217;ve re-instituted a take-your-pick construction, where you can choose among several prompts to answer. Ashgate Phd Thesis! Those used to essay in oedipus be really common but many schools have abandoned them in ashgate publishing recent years as they scrambled to essay reduce the number of questions in their apps. While it#8217;s nice to have choices, to allow you to answer the phd thesis, question for essay, which you have the strongest possible story, mostly we believe that this is designed to prevent adcom boredom. It means that more applications will be varied, which is always nice when you#8217;re on the receiving end of publishing phd thesis, them! You will note, though, that each of those three Essay 2 options are basically asking you to brag a little. What are you proud of? What#8217;s been significant in your life?

Tell a quick story, and then explain why. Keep the focus on treeless planet, YOU throughout. All of ashgate phd thesis, these Haas questions are similar to what Haas has asked in past years in some cases, as with Essay 1 on the song, re-instituting a question they had for a few seasons running but then had ditched. How Is Used In Everyday! (It was in publishing phd thesis the 2013 app too see below.) Basically this set of dental application, questions are new in the combination that they#8217;re asking for, but none are really new for Haas. Ashgate! That being said, you will want to get our Haas application guide. There are some specific nuances to treeless planet essay this year#8217;s questions and you#8217;ll want to phd thesis take advantage of the most up-to-date advice we can offer. Here are this year#8217;s full-time MBA essays from Berkeley-Haas: If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and why? (250 words) Choose one: (250 words) Describe an experience that has fundamentally changed the way you see the world and how it transformed you. Describe a significant accomplishment and upload thesis design options file why it makes you proud. Describe a difficult decision you have made and why it was challenging. Tell us about your path to business school and your future plans.

How will the Berkeley-Haas experience help you along this journey? (500 words) Unfortunately they#8217;ve radically reduced the word count for Essay 2 and that is not so great. As comparison, the first option for Essay 2, about an experience that #8220;transformed#8221; you, allowed up to 500 words last year. It#8217;s going to be VERY difficult for most BSers to cover the ashgate publishing phd thesis, transformation needed in in oedipus so short a space. Ashgate Phd Thesis! The same is true for either of the two alternates, as well. Also unfortunately, last year they had an amazing part a-b-c structure to essay on blindness their career goals question, which really helped people because it guided them in what to say. This year#8217;s question is much more loosely formed. Haas still wants you to ashgate tell them the essay, same stuff, but there#8217;s plenty more opportunity for ashgate phd thesis, you to go sideways with what you say this year, based on how broad-seeming the actual prompt is. Brehm Dissertation! You need to publishing be very focused and structured in how you present yourself. Sascha Brehm! Our Career Goals App Accelerator will actually set you up for tremendous success in ashgate publishing phd thesis organizing your material for this question exactly. Planet! The essay on a song? It#8217;s fine but it#8217;s gimmicky.

It may be fun for you to come up with your response (please see the archive of past questions below where they#8217;ve asked this question before). Some people do great things with this essay. Lots of people are very predictable on ashgate phd thesis, it though. (Hint: Please do not use the U2 song #8220;A Beautiful Day#8221; for treeless planet, your answer. It#8217;s been done before.) Check out our Haas essay reviews for ashgate, a discussion of essay in oedipus, BSers attempts to answer past years#8217; incarnations of these questions. While we were ga-ga over the Haas questions last year, this year, in 2015, we#8217;re feeling much less excited. They took a great thing and made it harder on you people, with the shorter essays, and the more vaguely-worded career goals question. Essay 2 also does not excite us. Having choices of ashgate, what to answer doesn#8217;t make for ma creative manchester, a more applicant-friendly app. Having sufficient space to present yourself does. Also: Please don#8217;t overlook the importance of their Defining Principles. Ashgate Publishing! [end discussion of essay, 2015 questions] Click to view 2014 questions. 2014 Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis.

These are very applicant-friendly changes; you#8217;re going to publishing have an easier time of it than last year#8217;s crew did. The cool and options file distinctive thing that Berkeley has done is that they#8217;ve now suggested a essay length range this is great. This shows you what a minimum essay that would sufficiently answer the question could look like, and they give you an upper max that is very reasonable. This is an AWESOME way to handle this. Describe an publishing phd thesis, experience that has fundamentally changed the way you see the world. How did this transform you? (400-500 word maximum) What is your most significant professional accomplishment? (200-300 word maximum) What is your desired post-MBA role and at what company or organization? In your response, please specifically address sub-questions a., b., and c. a. How is your background compelling to this company? b. What is something you would do better for this company than any other employee? c. Essay On Blindness In Oedipus! Why is an MBA necessary and how will Haas specifically help you succeed at this company? (500-600 word maximum for phd thesis, 3a, 3b, and 3c combined) There#8217;s also several Supplemental Questions for everyone to answer and a bunch of Optional Essays too (here#8217;s the link to their site with it all laid out ). The main change besides the detailed subparts for the career goals question, which makes it an awesome opportunity for treeless planet essay, you to ashgate share your plans with the adcom is that they ditched a #8220;failure#8221; question from last year, along with the #8220;song#8221; essay, and they inserted the word #8220;professional#8221; into the #8220;most significant accomplishment#8221; question. Here#8217;s the deal, Brave Supplicant: These questions are totally long enough, and the prompts are clear enough, that you#8217;re going to be able to do a fabulous job of sharing who you are with the adcom. Essay In Oedipus! Berkeley is a school that cares about career goals and WHOA is that ever reflected in this year#8217;s version of their career essay! The one issue we take with it is that they crammed in a third subquestion this year while simultaneously reducing your word count by 150 words.

That#8217;s not so fun. It#8217;s still very doable and our Haas essay guide will still help you out with this. These are THE BEST BERKELEY QUESTIONS EVER it#8217;s like Goldilocks, not too many, not too cryptic, very reasonable lengths, and kind to candidates. Honestly, we wish that more schools stuck with these classic question types. Kudos to Haas for ashgate phd thesis, helping applicants do a good job in sascha brehm expressing themselves.

The main downside with Haas Round 1 in 2014, at least based on how it#8217;s gone in past years? You may not get a final answer on your app until mid-January well after Round 2 deadlines are past for other schools. They do often notify admits ahead of this date; it#8217;s not quite rolling admissions, but sort of. Maybe #8220;rolling decisions#8221; is a better way to describe it. The good part of this policy? Your deposit for a successful Round 1 app doesn#8217;t need to be paid until March and you#8217;ll likely know outcomes at other schools by then, including even for ashgate publishing, some Round 2 apps. This ends up being to your advantage. Because of this, we recommend you apply in Round 1 if you can. 8/29/14 Berkeley published its Class of 2016 profile average GMAT and GPA ticked up even higher (717 and 3.62), plus they went from 29% women to an impressive 43%. Apps increased slightly too. In Oedipus! [end discussion of 2014 questions] Click to view 2013 questions. 2013 F/T Haas Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis.

The F/T essays are nearly the same as 2012 (see below), except that as expected, there#8217;s fewer of them, and the questions are simplified. Ashgate Publishing! It#8217;s possible that their app volumes went down last year due to manchester how much they made the BSers write (compared to publishing other schools#8217; apps, it was a little excessive). The nice aspect to the Haas app is they actually give you enough space to tell your story. If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and why? (250 word maximum) What is your most significant accomplishment? (250 word maximum) Describe a time in the last three years when you overcame a failure. What specific insight from this experience has shaped your development? (250 word maximum) a. What are your post-MBA short-term and long-term career goals? How have your professional experiences prepared you to achieve these goals? b. Met! How will an publishing, MBA from Haas help you achieve these goals? (750 word maximum for 4a. and 4b.) There#8217;s also several Supplemental Questions and essay in oedipus a bunch of Optional Essays too (here#8217;s the link to their site with it all laid out ). And don#8217;t overlook the importance of their Defining Principles. Buckle your seatbelt. You have to publishing be committed to apply to Haas (which is probably the adcom#8217;s intention#8230;). [end discussion of 2013 questions.] They used to have FIVE ESSAYS!! If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and ma creative writing manchester why? What is publishing phd thesis your most significant accomplishment? Describe a time when you questioned an established practice or thought within an organization.

How did your actions create positive change? Describe a time when you were a student of your own failure. What specific insight from this experience has shaped your development? a. What are your post-MBA short-term and treeless planet long-term career goals? How have your professional experiences prepared you to ashgate phd thesis achieve these goals?b. Critical Thinking Used In Everyday Life! How will an MBA from publishing Haas help you achieve these goals? (750 word maximum for 5a. and 5b.) [end discussion of 2012 questions.] The SnarkStrategies Guide for Berkeley Haas covers the 2016 questions and Haas is a great school to tackle as your first MBA application. Time to get started? 2017 MBA Application Strategy Guides.

The 2017 Darden MBA Application Guide - rewritten almost from scratch to help you with the writing manchester, 2017 app! The 2017 Michigan Ross Essay Guide - totally new to help you with the ashgate, nine short-answer options and your career goals! The 2017 MIT Essay Guide with brand-new material on the cover letter and the 'introduce yourself' video. The 2017 Duke Essay Guide - covers the 25 Random Things essay and all the upload thesis design, rest too! The 2017 Harvard MBA Application Guide - refreshed with new details and strategies for ashgate, your Class of 2020 app. Brave Supplicants' latest reviews on The 'Snark. Sascha Dissertation! I think that the reviewer raised a lot of good points, but a) three pages of feedback on a 250 word . As a re-applicant, I knew I needed considerable improvement to my pitch in order to maximize my . Thanks so much for publishing, the additional feedback ES. I really appreciate it. Sascha! I just submitted my HBS app, . What were we snarking about at this time in past years?

2016 : ($) If you get fired, do you need to tell the publishing, adcom? 2016 : Good luck for HBS applicants! 2016 : No, you don't have to actually do the thing you say you will do in essays the career goals essay. 2014 : Did you just discover EssaySnark? 2014 : The disturbing trend of decreasing transparency 2013 : More on visiting schools 2013 : ($) Being a thought leader is not a career goal. 2012 : ($) Duke's main essay: What do you tell your family, friends, and colleagues? 2012 : About Deadlines.

And Momentum. 2011 : Battle of the Blogs! EssaySnark® is a registered trademark. All content copyright 2010-2017 Snarkolicious Press · Privacy Policy.

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Dissertations and Theses Authored by Counselor Eduation Alumni. Listed below are theses and publishing phd thesis, dissertations dating back to 1964. For instructions on locating theses and dissertations published by upload design file students in the Counselor Education Program, please link to To locate a specific publication, please link to the University of Florida libraries at publishing phd thesis, Cheung, C. (2017).

East meets west: Developing a bicultural identity in east Asian American youth . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Fields, K. G. (2017). Treeless. A phenomenological look at adoptive nesting to ashgate phd thesis prepare for adoptive motherhood . (Doctoral dissertation). University of dental, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Fields, K. M. (2017). Examining the relationships among neighborhood, family, and phd thesis, individual child characteristics and adverse childhood experiences. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Neely, J. On Blindness. (2017). Couples therapy to improve the marriage for parents with a child with autism . University of ashgate publishing phd thesis, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Anthony, C, Jr. (2016).

Black college student-athlete identity achievement status: An intersection of treeless, racial identity, athletic identity, and gender . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Burtzlaff, P. (2016). Clergy premarital counseling with lower socioeconomic couples . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Dyce, C. Publishing. (2016). Investigating pediatric mental health care access and parent satisfaction in the patient-centered medical home . (Doctoral dissertation). University of how is thinking used, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Jaramillo, A. Publishing Phd Thesis. (2016).

Counselor education trainees comfort and willingness to hygiene application essays discuss sexuality issues with clients . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Johnson, J. (2016). Looking back: The experiences of unauthorized Mexican individuals with their high school counselors . University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Logan, S. (2016). Ashgate Publishing. Examining psychological hardiness and essay in oedipus, leadership practices and their relation to occupational satisfaction among counselor educators . University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Studer-Brynes, E. (2016). Refining tools for practitioners: A psychometric evaluation of the Career Search Self-Efficacy Scale using item response theory methodology. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Wargovich, B. (2016). Critical Life. Attachment, differentiation, and God attachment: Three views of the togetherness and separateness conundrum . University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Allen, C. (2015). A grounded theory study of counselors’ theoretical orientation development using narrative pedagogy . Ashgate. (Doctoral dissertation). Sascha Brehm Dissertation. University of phd thesis, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Chen, P. (2015). Development and initial validation of the Multicultural Counseling Self Efficacy Scale for counselors in Taiwan . Thesis Design File. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Griffin, L. Ashgate Publishing. (2015). An exploratory examination of the relational factors that predict achievement among African American high school students . (Doctoral dissertation). Dental Essays. University of ashgate, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Isaac, N. (2015). The traumatic impact of manchester, community violence exposure on primary school children in Trinidad and Tobago . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Palmer, P. Ashgate. (2015). Exploring the lived experiences of felt sense among beginning counselors: A phenomenological study . (Doctoral dissertation).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Rant, J. (2015). Middle school counselors’ experience of advocacy with frequently disciplined African American male students. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Shin, S. (2015). Dental Application. A parenting stress model of Asian parents living in the U.S . University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Theurer, J. (2015). An inquiry into ashgate publishing phd thesis the intergenerational transmission and transformation of financial capabilities during marriage . University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Watson, D. Thesis Options File. (2015). Perspectives of publishing phd thesis, working class counseling clients: A grounded theory study . University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Yoon, E. (2015). Manchester Met. Investigating the demographic, psychological, and environmental factors that discriminate among three types of bystander behaviors in school bullying in ashgate phd thesis, South Korea. University of application, Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Babcock, S. (2014). Counseling students experience of ashgate publishing, ambiguity. (Master’s thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Callahan-Willsie, J. (2014). Assessing the efficacy of couple relationship education with cohabiting couples. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Diehl, E. (2014). Boundary ambiguity and the non-deployed parent: A qualitative study. (Doctoral dissertation). University of dental application essays, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Henesy, R. (2014). Exploring the strengths, resiliencies, and challenges of lesbian and bisexual females who experienced dating violence in a same-sex relationship during adolescence. (Master’s thesis).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Lewis, D. (2014). Influence of school counselors’ social justice advocacy and ashgate phd thesis, multicultural counseling competencies on counselor engagement in school-family-community collaboration. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. McCarthy, S. (2014).

The evolution of school counseling students perspectives concerning family-school involvement throughout their field experience. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Page, K. (2014). The effects of cognitive behavioral treatment and demographic factors on recidivism . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Varney, M. (2014). Thesis Design Options. Exploring counseling students’ experiences with honesty through self-disclosure and feedback in personal development groups: Highlighting the experiences of ethnically underrepresented counseling students. (Master’s thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Byrd, K. Ashgate. (2013).

The relationship between media influence and identity development among low-income African American and White adolescent girls. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. De Miranda, Y. (2013). Family distress, body image, and eating concerns among male and female college students. Sascha Dissertation. (Master’s thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Lopez, N. (2013).

Exploring the experiences of Latinos in mental health services. (Master’s thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Mixon, K. (2013). Family resilience processes predicting low income kindergarten children’s approaches to learning and reading. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Rivera, S. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. (2013). Jail diversion and recidivism: Impact on community integration and treatment utilization. ( Doctoral dissertation). University of ma creative writing met, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Thompson, E. (2013). Rethinking achievement gaps in ashgate phd thesis, K-12 schools: A Latent growth analysis of biological, social, and contextual determinants on student performance. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Wolf, C. P. (2013). Factors of career meaning: An analysis of U.S. naval academy graduates. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Wolfgang, J. (2013).

The longitudinal effect of traumatic stress and attachment difficulties on academic achievement for young children. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Baggs, A. S. (2012). We are the other: Understanding self-forgiveness among female ex-offenders . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Ma Creative Writing. Retrieved from: Cavalleri, D. I. (2012). Toward an Understanding of Emergent Identities and Relationships in Clinical Supervision . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Del Moro, R. R. (2012).

Cultivating self-awareness in counselors-in-training through group supervision . (Doctoral dissertation). Publishing. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Ma Creative. Retrieved from: Freedland, A. (2012). The mediating effects of problematic Internet usage on social phobia and psychosocial well-being. (Master’s thesis). University of ashgate publishing phd thesis, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Killingsworth, K. R. (2012). Effects of the gulf oil spill in Escambia County, Florida . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Nash, S. C. Thesis Design File. (2012). Exploring relational health and comfort with closeness in student counselor development . (Doctoral dissertation). Ashgate. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Orrock, J. (2012). Understanding the lived experiences of at-risk black males as it relates to their academic success . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Shah, B. (2012). Acculturation, familial relationships, and adolescent well-being. (Master’s thesis). University of ma creative writing manchester, Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Retrieved from: Thompson, I. A. (2012). Perceived working conditions and personal resources predicting mental health counselor well-being . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Calderon, A. Phd Thesis. M. (2011). How Is In Everyday Life. Colombian child soldiers : case study of an ashgate adult survivor. (Master’s thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Retrieved from: Knowles, J. Application Essays. K. (2011). Phd Thesis. Domestic violence: Florida licensed mental health professionals’ perceived level of competence. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Maxis, S. (2011). The relationship between school counselor self-efficacy and the rate of graduation for males at urban, predominantly African American, under-performing high schools. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: McCue, M. C. (2011).

Resilience among low-income African American families caring for a young adult member with mild mental retardation . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Pereira, J. K. (2011). The effect of a workshop on school counselor trainee’s child-centered play therapy knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and self-estimate of counseling abilities. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Socarras, K. (2011). Let’s learn how to play : Examining a brief Child-Parent Relationship Training with HIPPY. (Master’s thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Tate, K. A. (2011). Development of the conceptualization of group dynamics inventory (CGDI). (Doctoral dissertation). University of how is used, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Vutsinas, S. M. (2011).

Compassion fatigue and mental health disaster response education. (Master’s thesis). Ashgate. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Essays. Retrieved from: Spengler Brown, M. (2010). Fitness,support,career,education,coping and attachment, and their relationship in mediating perceived stress, coping and perceived competence in ashgate, first time mothers. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Carr, N. M. (2010). The impact of a professional development unit on the program evaluation skills of in-service school counselors. (Doctoral dissertation).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Cintron, H. A. (2010). Gender awareness and relational characteristics of counselor trainees . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Davis, E. (2010). Elementary school counselors’ perceptions of the implementation of reality play therapy in thesis file, student relationship building and problem-solving skills. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Figley, S. C. (2010). The effects of attachment style and contextual activation of attachment security and attachment insecurity on partner empathy and distress responses to episodes of romantic partner distress. (Doctoral dissertation). Ashgate Phd Thesis. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Hanney, H. L. (2010). Influence of personal resources on hygiene essays the individual well being of married females experiencing infertility . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Hollander, E. S. (2010). Assessing teacher self-efficacy in implementing family centered practices: Development of the publishing Working with Families Self-Efficacy Scales. (Doctoral dissertation).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Knape, E. O. (2010). Predicting high school graduation for Latino males using expectancy value theory of motivation and tenth-grade reading achievement scores. Essay In Oedipus. (Doctoral dissertation). University of publishing, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Majuta, A. R. (2010). The relationship between vicarious traumatization and quality of life and purpose in life of healthcare providers of planet essay, cancer patients in Botswana. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Martin-Donald, K. A. (2010).

The relationship between gender, sexual attitudes, attitudes toward gender and ashgate publishing phd thesis, high school counselors’ ethical decision-making regarding adolescent sexuality. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Nobles, W. (2010). Understanding the presence of gerotranscendence among diverse racial and ethnic older adults in Florida . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Reid, L. M. (2010). Critical. Validating the Parent Proficiencies Questionnaire (PPQ-AA) for use with African-American parents . (Master’s thesis). University of ashgate, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

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The relationship between high school counselors’ beliefs and practices related to family school involvement. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Shure, L. A. (2010). The relationship between school counselors’ multicultural knowledge and awareness and their likelihood of recommending students for advanced and remedial interventions based on students’ culturally-bound behavioral styles. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Wynn, R. D. (2010). The intersection of ethno-cultural identity, sexual orientation and traumatic stress in adult African-American gay men. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Yacco, S. (2010). Investigating school counselors’ perceived role and self-efficacy in managing multiparty student conflict. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Alford-Davidson, T. (2009). High school counselors and career specialists’ perceptions of school practices that involve parents in students’ career planning. (Doctoral dissertation).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Brubaker, M. D. (2009). Barriers to ma creative writing manchester mental health and substance abuse service utilization among homeless adults. Ashgate Publishing. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Cholewa, B. (2009). Ma Creative Writing. Exploring how culturally responsive master teachers develop and use their relationships with their low-income African American elementary students . Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. (Doctoral dissertation).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Goldberg, R. M. (2009). Psychological warfare: The media and relational aggression among female college students. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Goodman, R. D. (2009). Academic achievement and traumatic stress among primary school students. (Doctoral dissertation).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Hope, K. J. (2009). A reason to live: The protective influence of close friendships on college students. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Leibforth, B. N. (2009). Brehm Dissertation. Effects of a training module on pre-service school counselors’ knowledge and self-efficacy beliefs about working with students in exceptional student education . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: McGinley, D. M. (2009).

Effects of career and marriage on newlywed individuals’ marital and phd thesis, career satisfaction . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Munson, J. On Blindness. S. (2009). Impact of client suicide on practitioner posttraumatic growth. (Doctoral dissertation). University of phd thesis, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Porter, J. R. Essay. (2009). Children’s tendency to ashgate publishing defend victims of school bullying: Gender, social identity, and normative pressure. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Retrieved from: Tannen, C. (2009). Choosing to be present as counselors in training: A grounded theory . Writing. (Doctoral dissertation). Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Williams, C. Sascha Dissertation. (2009). Hope and first generation college students: An examination of academic success . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Williams, M. A. (2009). Exploration of effect of diagnosis of high school girls with attention deficit disorder on their mothers and the mother-daughter relationship. (Doctoral dissertation). Ashgate Phd Thesis. University of thinking in everyday, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Aissen, K. (2008). Personal factors influencing impaired professionals’ recovery from addiction. (Doctoral dissertation). Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

Baker, T. D. (2008). Use of an electronic interactive storybook in dental essays, an intervention to change adolescents’ attitudes toward academic responsibility. (Doctoral dissertation). Publishing. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Ma Creative Writing Met. Retrieved from: Baratelli, A. (2008). Sociocultural influences on body image dissatisfaction in Venezuelan college-aged women. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Dallape, A. (2008).

Relational aggression among middle school girls. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Jackson, D. (2008). Facilitating injured workers return to work: Using job analyses and other select variables to prevent prolonged disability. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Jasser, J. L. (2008). Inauthentic self in relationship: The role of attitudes toward women and mother’s nurturance. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from:

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Hearing men’s stories: A phenomenological study of men who perpetrate violence on their intimate partners . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: West, R. (2008). Predictors of successful completion of Family Treatment Drug Court programs: An archival investigation. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Freytes-Cacho, I. M. (2007). Predictors of attrition in Latino Alzheimer’s disease caregivers in the REACH trial: An archival investigation . (Doctoral dissertation).

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University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Xirau-Probert, P. M. (2007). The Turning Hour Project: Using literature for suicide education in the schools. (Doctoral dissertation). Essay. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Retrieved from: Daley, L. P. (2006). The roots of a clinical intuition in counseling: A qualitative approach . Phd Thesis. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Maley, A. T. (2006). Upload Design Options File. Exploring the publishing phd thesis attitudes, beliefs, preparation, and practices of African-American clergy in how is used life, premarital counseling. Phd Thesis. (Doctoral dissertation).

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: McCarthy, L. A. Upload File. (2006). Influences of couple conflict type, division of ashgate, labor, and violated expectations on first-time parents’ individual and marital well-being. (Doctoral dissertation). Ma Creative Manchester Met. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Scott, L. M. (2006). Perceived stress among ethnically diverse female graduate students attending predominantly White institutions . Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Severy, L. Dental Hygiene Application Essays. E. (2006).

What’s my story? : Narrative intervention in career counseling. (Doctoral dissertation). University of ashgate, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Chata, C. C. (2005). Essay On Blindness. The role of professional school counselors as perceived by future school principals. Phd Thesis. (Doctoral dissertation).

University of essay in oedipus, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Farley, W. T. (2005). Phd Thesis. Changes in thinking used life, divorcing men’s perceptions of fathering during the transition from live-in father to non-residential father. Publishing. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

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A gendered perspective on publishing phd thesis the examination of relational health, stress and dental hygiene essays, coping, and athlete satisfaction among female college athletes. Publishing Phd Thesis. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Thesis. Retrieved from: Lampinen, A. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis. (2005). Relationships among gender attitudes, sexual self-esteem and risky sexual behavior. (Master’s thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Lee, D. H. Ma Creative Met. (2005). Comorbid oppositional defiant or conduct disorder problems in children at high-risk for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): A comparison of emotional, psychosocial, and behavioral adjustment. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

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University of ashgate phd thesis, Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Murray Jr, T. L. Upload Thesis Design Options. (2005). An empirical examination of Bowen natural systems theory as it applies to fibromyalgia syndrome . (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Retrieved from: Spicer, K. S. C. (2005). Identifying power differentials in nonviolent heterosexual couples in counseling through discourse analysis. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

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College of Education, 140 Norman Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611, (352) 392-0726.

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Ashgate publishing phd thesis - Ir research paper topics

The purpose of this essay is to identify and focus on ashgate phd thesis, a specific risk to a patient. The purpose of this essay is to identify and focus on a specific risk to a patient. In order to do this effectively, a recognised risk assessment tool will be used and a treatment plan. then agreed upon. The efficacy of the assessment tool will be discussed along with the results it provides. Definitions will be offered throughout the assignment to assist the readers understanding of terms such as risk and risk assessment. An introduction to the patient and a brief description of the anatomy and physiology of the dental essays patient’s condition will also be offered. The assignment will illustrate the use of a recognised nursing model along with the ashgate publishing nursing process.

Legal and ethical issues will also be discussed. Before discussing any risk assessment tools it is first necessary to provide definitions for terms such as risk, risk assessment and risk factors. The Mosby Nurse’s Pocket Dictionary defines the term risk as a potential hazard (2003, p303), this hazard could be caused by any number of application essays risk factors. A risk factor could be described as anything, which may cause a person to be more vulnerable to complications (Churchill Livingstone’s Dictionary of Nursing, 2002, p384). These could include injury, disease, compromised nutritional status or pressure damage. Harrison (2003) describes risk assessment as an assessment that can identify those at risk, so that steps can be taken to ashgate publishing phd thesis provide appropriate therapeutic treatment. Further to this, the Churchill Livingstone’s Dictionary of Nursing (2002, p384) suggests that all risk assessments should be clearly structured.

Therefore, an upload thesis design accurate assessment of a client’s risk is vital in ensuring that the ashgate phd thesis correct care plan is on blindness in oedipus, utilised to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. Risk assessment and management is an integral part of the nurse’s role. The Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN, 2002) definition of nursing reinforces the importance of using clinical judgement as a tool when providing care to ashgate publishing assist people in maintaining or recovering health. Dental Application Essays? It should also be used to help people to publishing cope with any health problems and to ultimately help them to achieve the sascha brehm best possible quality of life. The utilisation of a recognised framework is an integral part of assessing a patient in order to identify their needs. Roper et al. Publishing? (2003, p4) provide a model for nursing based on the Activities of Living. This framework offers a clear structure for nurses to work around with a problem solving approach and ma creative writing also incorporates the nursing process. The Activities of Living framework covers 12 areas including maintaining a safe environment, communicating, breathing, eating and drinking, eliminating, personal cleansing and ashgate phd thesis dressing, controlling body temperature, mobilising, working and playing, expressing sexuality, sleeping and finally, dying. Assessment is the thinking in everyday life first stage of the ashgate publishing phd thesis Nursing process as identified by Yura and Walsh (1978) and cited by Holland et al. (2003, p.12), the rest of the process being planning, implementation and evaluation. Mallett and Dougherty (2003, p281) suggest that a thorough assessment focuses on the physical, psychological and psychosocial issues relating to a patient. How Is Critical Used In Everyday? This is phd thesis, necessary to enable identification of any risks and to then aid their prevention.

Sharkey (1997, p49-50) suggests that it is of great importance for upload design options nurses to be able to phd thesis make speedy identification of risks, as no situation is completely risk free. Whitfield (2000) cited by Stevenson (2004) found risk assessment, education and the formulation of protocols to be the most effective prevention strategies when focusing on the prevention of sascha brehm dissertation pressure damage. Phd Thesis? This would suggest that the manchester ability to perform an accurate risk assessment is therefore an essential skill required by each member of the nursing profession. This interpretation is supported by ashgate phd thesis Marks-Maran et al. (1988, p37). For the purpose of protecting anonymity and confidential information throughout this assignment, the treeless essay patient will be referred to phd thesis as Elsie so as to comply with Code of Professional Conduct (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2002). Elsie is a 79-year-old lady admitted to the ward for an elective total knee replacement. A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure, which replaces damaged or injured parts of the knee joint with artificial parts. To perform this procedure, the how is life muscles and ligaments that surround the knee are separated in order to remove cartilage and bone from the ends of the ashgate thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia). It may also be necessary to remove part of the kneecap (patella). The implant is upload design file, then cemented into publishing phd thesis place. Total knee replacements are usually performed on in oedipus, people suffering with severe arthritic conditions.

A patient would normally be deemed suitable for the procedure if found to be suffering from daily pain, significant stiffness, instability or deformity of the knee, or if suffering from severe pain which restricts the publishing patients normal daily activities. Elsie has been married 54 years and has 2 daughters, one of which lives abroad. Elsie and her husband live in a bungalow with an average sized garden. Of late Elsie has been unable to participate in one of her favourite pastimes due to application the stiffness and pain in ashgate publishing phd thesis her knee. Upon admission, Elsie underwent an initial admission assessment according to the trust protocol. This assessment, based around the treeless essay Activities of Living, also incorporated screening tools such as the Waterlow Scale used to assess the risk of pressure sores to ashgate publishing phd thesis a patient and to thesis design file aid the prevention of them. It also includes a Moving and Handling risk assessment to assess the clients level of publishing dependence or independence along with their mobility status. A Nutritional-screening tool is also used to ma creative manchester assess the patient’s nutritional status and to identify any needs relating to it.

This essay will focus on the Waterlow scale in particular along with any risks identified as a result of its use for the patient. This assessment tool is used to assess the risk of a patient developing a pressure sore. Dealey (2000, p96) describes a pressure sore as localised damage to the skin. This damage is caused by the blood supply to the area being disrupted and ashgate publishing phd thesis is usually caused by extrinsic factors such as pressure or shearing forces on the skin. There are also a number of internal factors that determine whether or not a patient will develop pressure damage such as their age, reduced mobility, compromised nutritional status, body weight, incontinence and poor blood supply. The result of pressure sore occurrence can mean a delayed stay in hospital, increased pain and distress to the patient and increased costs to the National Health Service. The Waterlow scale is used by scoring the patient numerically in a number of areas. The areas covered are build and weight according to a persons height, continence, skin type, mobility, sex, age and appetite. It also scores on a range of special risk areas such as tissue malnutrition, neurological deficit, major surgery or trauma and certain medications such as cytotoxic drugs.

The score is then added up and the perceived risk to the patient is identified. A client with a score of 10+ is ma creative writing met, deemed at low risk of developing pressure damage. A score of phd thesis 13+ suggests that the client is at high risk while a score of 20+ suggests that the patient is at a very high risk of dental hygiene application essays developing a pressure sore. For any client identified as being at risk of developing a pressure sore, a treatment plan must be agreed upon and implemented. Publishing? There is a range of pressure relieving equipment available to sascha brehm dissertation aid in the prevention of pressure damage such as pressure relieving mattresses and phd thesis cushions. However, these alone are not fully effective. How Is Critical Thinking Used? A patient must still be encouraged or assisted to change position frequently, their nutrition status should be monitored and clients must avoid shearing forces on their skin which may cause damage. Elsie’s assessment identified her as being at risk of ashgate publishing phd thesis developing a pressure ulcer with a score of 11. Waterlow (1998) cited by Mallett and Dougherty (2003, p694), recommends that a score of upload file 10+ does not require the ashgate publishing phd thesis use of pressure relieving devices but instead requires careful monitoring of the patient and measures such as ensuring frequent position changes. The aim with Elsie was to achieve mobilisation as soon as possible.

However, monitoring and pressure care prevention would be vital in used life the immediate post-operative period as Elsie would be immobile. As previously mentioned, according to phd thesis the Trust protocol Elsie’s admission to the ward included a pressure ulcer risk assessment according to the Waterlow scale. The Waterlow scale is just one of a number of treeless planet pressure ulcer risk assessment tools available, but is ashgate publishing phd thesis, one of the most widely used. The majority of the information gathered as part of this assessment is taken from the nurses own observations but should also be collated as part of a discussion between both the nurse and the patient. In Elsie’s case re-evaluations of the risk assessments were not routinely carried out. Pressure area prevention and care were carried out on blindness in oedipus however, the risk assessment was not recalculated therefore, the documentation was not completed accurately. The process does not end after the care plan has been formulated following the ashgate phd thesis completion of the first risk assessment. As Elsie’s mobility would be impaired immediately post-operatively it could be anticipated that her risk of essay developing a pressure sore would also increase. This is due to factors such as mobility restriction due to post-operative pain and reduced appetite. Another contributing factor is the actual surgery itself. It is recommended that the patient should actually be reassessed at each point that their condition and mobility changes in order to formulate accurate and appropriate care plans and treatment as recognised by Hilton and Athorn (2004, p23) and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (2001).

Risk assessments must be completed and acted upon to prevent them from phd thesis becoming useless exercises. As well as identifying actual or potential risks and reducing accidents and ill health, properly completed risk assessments also serve to protect the professionals using them. The assessments must be documented as they may be used if something goes wrong (Royal College of Nursing, 1999). In today’s litigation society this is more important than ever as each nurse is accountable for their own decision-making along with the care they provide. In Elsie’s case, a care plan was formulated from the results of her assessments that included factors such as assessing her skin daily, ensuring satisfactory dietary intake and hydration levels, educating and application essays encouraging Elsie to relieve her own pressure by mobilising as much as possible. To enable Elsie to do this involvement from a number of the multi-disciplinary team was required. Each day various healthcare assistants, student nurses and staff nurses from the ward assisted Elsie in ashgate publishing phd thesis checking her skin integrity by assisting with washing and upload file moisturising.

Doctors and pharmacists also provided care; in particular, post-operative pain control is an important factor to address when facilitating a patient’s mobilisation. If a patient is in a lot of pain it is going to ashgate publishing prove more difficult for them to mobilise. Elsie was also seen by a physiotherapist who provided her with a walking frame and a range of how is thinking life exercises to aid her rehabilitation. The physiotherapist then had daily involvement while working towards Elsie’s discharge. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis? Prior to sascha dissertation discharge, Elsie had a check x-ray to ensure that everything was as it should be from an orthopaedic perspective as well as participating in an activities of living assessment to assess whether she would benefit from the provision and installation of publishing phd thesis any equipment at how is thinking life her home. Social circumstances must be taken in to account and assessed in order to publishing establish whether any further help is required. As Elsie lived with her husband who was able to assist with cooking and cleaning and a daughter that would also be able to help out, she was able to return home without the need for any further social input such as carers.

As a result of the care she received, Elsie did not develop a pressure sore and used life so was discharged home without suffering any delays. As previously mentioned, the Waterlow scale is used as part of the Trust protocol. However, other assessment tools routinely used to ashgate publishing phd thesis assess the risk of developing a pressure ulcer include the Norton scale and the Braden scale. There has been much discussion and many studies carried out in an attempt to evaluate the planet efficacy of the differing risk assessment scales. A study conducted by ashgate publishing phd thesis Smith (1989) and cited by Mallett and dental hygiene Dougherty (2003, p693) concluded that the Waterlow scale was the most effective at predicting the publishing phd thesis risk of developing pressure sores.

In contrast to this, studies carried out by Pang and Wong (1998, p153) and Stevenson (2004, p81) found the Braden scale to be the most accurate risk assessment. A more recent study conducted by Defloor and Grypdonck (2004) concluded that the pressure sore risk assessment tools currently available are only of limited value. As a result of this many patients may be falsely identified as being at risk or not at risk. It appears that the efficacy of the tool is relative to the users own experience of the tool. Risk assessment scales should be evaluated in combination with the particular preventive measures used. The main criticism of the care planning relating to Elsie was the lack of treeless planet essay formal reassessment. Whilst the staff provided a good level of care, the lack of documentation could in some cases lead to problems for the patient, as certain increased risks could be overlooked. In conclusion, the publishing phd thesis use of the Waterlow scale as a risk assessment tool to predict and prevent pressure damage was effective in met Elsie’s situation. Elsie was discharged back home without ever developing pressure damage.

Although Elsie would be unable to return to ashgate publishing phd thesis gardening she felt more positive that she would be able to enjoy this again in used in everyday the future. Phd Thesis? This outcome was achieved through assessment along with the involvement of the multidisciplinary team in ma creative manchester met Elsie’s care. However, it should always be remembered that while assessment tools are useful they should never replace clinical judgement, but should work in conjunction with it (National Institute for publishing Clinical Excellence, 2001). Athorn, S. and Hilton, P. A. (2004). Mobilizing.

In P. A. Hilton (eds.) Fundamental Nursing Skills. London: Whurr Publishers Ltd. Churchill Livingstone’s Dictionary of Nursing (2002). 18 th edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. Dealey, C. (2000). Met? The Care of phd thesis Wounds – A Guide for Nurses.

2 nd edition. Oxford: Blackwell Science. Defloor, T. and Grypdonck, M. (2004). Validation of Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scales: A Critique. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 48 (6), 613-621. Harrison, A. (2003). A Guide to Risk Assessment. Nursing Times.

99 (9), 44-45. Holland, K (2003). An Introduction to the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model for Nursing. Based on dental, Activities of Living. In K. Holland, J. Jenkins, J. Soloman S. Publishing Phd Thesis? Whittam (eds.) Applying the writing manchester met Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice.

London: Churchill Livingstone. Mallett, J. and Dougherty, L. (2003). The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Procedures. 5 th edition. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis? Oxford: Blackwell Science. Marks-Maran, D. J. Docking, S. P. Maunder, T. and Scott, J. (1988).

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Code of Professional Conduct. Ashgate Publishing Phd Thesis? London: NMC. Pang, S. M and dental application Wong, T. K. (1998). Predicting pressure sore risk with Norton, Braden and Waterlow. Nurse Researcher. 47 (3), 147-153. Royal College of ashgate phd thesis Nursing (2003). Defining Nursing.

London: Royal College of Nursing. Royal College of Nursing (2002). Essays? RCN Code of Practice for Patient Handling; Working Well Initiative [Website]. Available from [Accessed: 20 January 2005] Sharkey, S. (1997). Clinical Risk and Depression. Nursing Standard. 11 (18). 49-50.

Stevenson, T. (2004). Improving Policy and Practice in the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers. Nursing Times. 100 (9), 80-84. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Coursework essay, dissertation or piece of publishing coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on essay, hand, waiting to help you. Each of publishing phd thesis us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Coursework work in essay in oedipus your email box, in as little as 3 hours. This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows:

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