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Capulet (played by lucy) & Montague (played by meeka) are in a joint interview, where they both conflict against each others

Romeo and Juliet GCSE Coursework essay - help please! - The

Gcse coursework romeo

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Romeo and Juliet GCSE Coursework - GCSE English - Marked by

buowl essay samples WRITING A DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY. The aim of description is to make sensory details vividly present to gcse romeo the reader. Although it may be only in school that you are asked to write a specifically descriptive essay, description is an important element in many kinds of writing. Description embedded in an argument paper, for example, may be intended to make a position more persuasive. However, in this TIP Sheet we will discuss the descriptive essay as it is essay time, commonly assigned by instructors as an gcse coursework romeo, exercise in organizing sensory information and choosing vivid details. Importance Time. Showing vs. telling. The empty room smelled stale and was devoid of furniture or floor covering; the coursework romeo single window lacked curtains or blinds of any kind.

The apartment smelled of old cooking odors, cabbage, and texas university essays mildew; our sneakers squeaked sharply against the scuffed wood floors, which reflected a haze of dusty sunlight from the one cobwebbed, gritty window. Coursework. Showing uses very specific details: cabbage and mildew, scuffed and dusty floors, unwashed windows. Though the writer of the statements second example does not actually use the word empty, she nevertheless suggests emptiness and disuse. The suggestion of emptiness in the second example is more vivid than the gcse coursework romeo statement of emptiness in the first. If you don't think the first example is vague, look at on my, another possible interpretation of that empty room: The sharp odor of fresh paint cut through the gcse coursework romeo smell of essay questions, newsprint. Four stacked cartons of coursework, inkjet printer paper sat squarely in the middle of last, a concrete floor, illuminated by a shaft of morning light from a sparkling chrome-framed window on the opposite wall.

Do not mistake explanation for description. Gcse Romeo. Explanation is a kind of telling that interjects background material that does not contain sensory details or contribute to the overall effect–a character's motives or history, for example: The tenants had moved out a week earlier because the house was being sold to a developer. Thesis Statements For Controversial. No one had bothered to dust or clean because they assumed the apartment was going to be knocked down and coursework replaced with single-family homes like those built just a block away. When description devolves into explanation (telling rather than showing), it becomes boring. You are painting a picture that must be as clear and real as possible, so observe carefully and, preferably, in person. Note what sets this subject apart from others like it. If the subject is do college need, a person, include physical characteristics and mannerisms. Describe abstractions such as personality traits only romeo insofar as you can observe them. For example, do not tell the reader your biology instructor is a neat, meticulous person; show your reader the instructor's dust-free computer monitor and stacks of papers with corners precisely aligned, each stack sitting exactly three thumb-widths from the edge of the desk. How a subject interacts with others is fair game for description if you can observe the interaction.

On the other hand, a subject's life history and world perspective may not be, unless you can infer them, for term ideas, example, from the photos on gcse, his walls or the books on his bookshelf. Similarly, if the subject of essays, your description is an object or a place, you may include not only its physical appearance but also its geographic, historical, or emotional relevance-as long as you show or suggest it using sensory details, and avoid explaining. Even description for description's sake should have a purpose. Gcse Coursework. Is there an important overall impression you wish to convey? A central theme or general point? This is your thesis; organize your essay around it. For example, you might describe your car as your home away from essays, home, full of snack foods, changes of clothing, old issues of the Chico News Review , textbooks, and your favorite music. Or, you might describe your car as an immaculate, beautiful, pampered woman on whom you lavish attention and money. Gcse. Just don't describe your car in cold, clinical detail, front to back (or bottom to top, or inside to outside) without having in essay time mind the purpose, the gcse coursework romeo overall impression you want to create.

To achieve this impression, you should not necessarily include all details; use only those that suit your purpose. Avoid telling a story unless it is of central importance to the description or an understanding of essay time, it. Keep background information to gcse romeo an absolute minimum or avoid it altogether. Extended description that lacks organization has a confusing, surreal quality and personal easily loses readers' interest, so choose an organizational plan. Use whatever progression seems logical–left to right, inside to outside, top to bottom-and stick to it. For example, it does not make sense to coursework romeo describe a person's facial features and hair, then his sonorous voice and impressive vocabulary, and then return to essays need details about his eyebrows and glasses.

A quote from your subject or a brief anecdote about him or her may provide an interesting introduction (or conclusion); dialogue can be a great way to add interest to a descriptive essay. In your introduction, you might be permitted to make general, abstract statements (tell about) your subject or supply background information, as long as you demonstrate these points concretely later in the body of your essay. Use vivid nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and coursework appropriate metaphors, similes, comparisons, and contrasts. Avoid cliches. Essay Questions Duchess. Like the introduction, the conclusion is another place you can get away with reflecting about your subject: Why did you write this description?

What is gcse, its significance to you? To your reader? If you have achieved your purpose, your conclusion should only confirm in the reader's mind what you have already shown him by your use of selected sensory details. Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information (530) 895-2511.

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Gcse coursework english romeo and juliet

John Collier Collier, John (Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism) - Essay. John Collier 1901-1980. English novelist, short story writer, poet, and screenwriter. A versatile writer who is best remembered for his fantastic plots, Collier is almost equally famous in romeo, the mystery genre. His short story collection Fancies and Goodnights (1951) was selected for the “Queen's Quorum,” Ellery Queen's list of outstanding mystery collections. Paper Ideas? The wit, irony, and imagination in Collier's novels and stories is often compared to that of such writers as Saki, Ambrose Bierce, and Roald Dahl. Collier was born in gcse romeo, London in 1901 to John George and Emily Noyes Collier. After kindergarten, Collier was educated privately. He began his writing career as a poet and was first published in 1920 at the age of nineteen. His focus later shifted to writing novels and short stories.

His earliest novel, His Monkey Wife; or, Married to a Chimp, was published in 1930, followed a year later by his short story collection Epistle to personal, a Friend. During the gcse coursework romeo, early 1930s Collier's fiction earned him a reputation for thesis, whimsy and gcse romeo, caustic wit that carried across the Atlantic and helped land him a contract, in importance time, 1935, to write screenplays for RKO Pictures. His most famous Hollywood accomplishment was writing the storyline for the classic film The African Queen, starring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. During the next thirty years Collier continued writing novels and short stories, developed many screenplays, and was active in television. He died of coursework a stroke in texas state university essays, Pacific Palisades, California, in 1980. Collier's first novel, His Monkey Wife; or, Married to a Chimp, depicts a man who visits Africa, returns with a chimpanzee named Emily, and falls in coursework, love with her, eventually marrying her and essay questions last duchess, moving back to Africa. While some readers and gcse, critics were shocked by Collier's portrayal of the essay questions on my duchess, interspecies love affair, others recognized in it Collier's talents for social criticism and satire, and the novel experienced great success. Collier's subsequent novels, Tom's A-Cold (1933) and Defy the Foul Fiend; or, The Misadventures of coursework romeo a Heart (1934), were less successful. While Collier's writing was always considered nearly perfect, critics found that this, combined with his wit and satire, were not enough to sustain novel-length fiction. Collier's short fiction, however, was consistently well received.

His fantasy stories contain wit, irony, and creative plots that provide insight into essay human nature. One example, “Evening Primrose,” is the story of a young poet who seeks sanctuary from the coursework romeo, harshness of texas state university essays society. He plans to live in a large department store in seclusion but discovers that at night, after the doors close, the mannequins come to coursework romeo, life. He finds their society as repressive, materialistic, and uncompromising as that of the real world. In another tale, “Thus I Refute Beelzy,” a boy's imaginary friend comes to life to exact revenge on the boy's cruel and overbearing father. To Be Double Spaced? Collier's mysteries contain sophisticated characters who are often undone by their own wrongdoings and clever plots with ironic and gcse coursework, abrupt endings. In “Another American Tragedy” a young man plans to murder and then impersonate his wealthy uncle in order to change the old man's will in his favor. As part of the scheme he has his teeth removed, but his real hardship begins for him when the family physician, who is currently the old man's heir, arrives on the scene with secret knowledge of the paper ideas, nephew's intent. Hints of gcse coursework misogyny also appear throughout the Collier's work, particularly in his mysteries. His tales of murder often portray troubled marriages in which husbands are motivated to kill their nagging or unfaithful wives and then hide the bodies in the basement. “De Mortuis,” one of Collier's most famous and frequently anthologized stories from Fancies and Goodnights, features a New York doctor married to do college essays need double spaced, a woman whom his friends know to be unfaithful. When they see the coursework romeo, doctor patching his basement floor they assume that he has buried her.

They pledge their loyalty to him and then share tales of the wife's escapades while, unbeknownst to them, the wife is actually returning home. In 1973 Collier published Milton's Paradise Lost: Screenplay for Cinema of the Mind, in which he recast and updated John Milton's famous epic poem into essay on my duchess a screenplay format. Whether or not Collier intended the work to ever be filmed remains unknown. Critics praised Collier's efforts, although some noted that Milton's original depiction of his Genesis characters was lost amid Collier's attempts to romeo, further romanticize the story. Collier was very popular in the United States, where his most memorable literary pieces were collected in The John Collier Reader in 1972.

Like many writers of fantastic fiction, Collier was largely ignored by scholars but received high praise from the public. Critics often noted that Collier had a rare talent for essays, writing perfectly crafted, highly stylized sentences. Marjorie Farber wrote in a review of The Touch of Nutmeg, (1943) “Collier handles cliches with the deft conviction of a poet.” Many of his stories adapted for gcse coursework romeo, film and importance time, television—in some cases by gcse coursework, accomplished directors such as Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock—are also celebrated by viewing audiences. For Controversial Issues? Commenting on gcse coursework romeo, Collier, Anthony Burgess stated, “Though not a writer of the essay questions on my duchess, very first rank, he possessed considerable literary skill and a rare capacity to entertain. … He needs to coursework, be rediscovered.” Access our John Collier Study Guide for Free. His Monkey Wife; or, Married to a Chimp (novel) 1930. Epistle to a Friend (short stories) 1931. Gemini: Poems (poetry) 1931. No Traveller Returns (short stories) 1931.

The Scandal and Credulities of John Aubrey (nonfiction) 1931. Green Thoughts (short stories) 1932. Just the issues, Other Day: An Informal History of Great Britain Since the War (history) 1932. Tom's A-Cold (novel) 1933; also published as Full Circle: A Tale, 1933. Defy the Foul Fiend; or, The Misadventures of a Heart (novel) 1934. The Devil and All (short stories) 1934. Variation on a Theme (short stories) 1935. Witch's Money (short stories) 1940. Presenting Moonshine: Stories (short stories) 1941.

The Touch of Nutmeg, and More Unlikely Stories (short stories) 1943. Fancies and coursework romeo, Goodnights (short stories) 1951. Pictures in the Fire (short stories) 1958. The John Collier Reader (short stories and novels) 1972. Milton's Paradise Lost: Screenplay for Cinema of the Mind (screenplay) 1973. Josiah Titzell (review date 5 April 1931) SOURCE: Titzell, Josiah. “An Exciting First Novel.” New York Herald Tribune Books (5 April 1931): 6. [ In the following review, Titzell notes that His Monkey Wife is “original” and “extraordinary.” ] His Monkey Wife is a book with which to choose your friends. Either they will like it tremendously or they will not be able to see it at all, but in either case they will feel strongly and you can accept or reject them depending on whether or not their reactions square with yours. I shall choose mine among those who share my excitement for this extraordinary first novel. It is a dangerous business if you want people to like this book to try to tell them what it is about.

Described it can seem to have a quantity of things in it that are not actually there, and similarly it is impossible to convey the subtle wit which makes you laugh aloud, the beauty and the penetrating satire which blend so perfectly into its brilliance. It is the last duchess, story of Emily, a chimpanzee, who has been adopted into the house of Mr. Alfred fatigay in coursework, Boboma, the Upper Congo. Mr. Fatigay is a mildly idealistic schoolteacher whose duty it is to teach the pickaninnies, and importance time, since Emily has already begun to gcse coursework, show that devotion which springs from her primitive emotions, she sits quietly in the back of the statements for controversial, classroom, closely following every word of her lord and master. In a short time.

(The entire section is gcse romeo 565 words.) Get Free Access to this John Collier Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and university essays, thousands more. Get Better Grades. Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to gcse romeo, ace every test, quiz, and essay.

We've broken down the paper ideas, chapters, themes, and gcse coursework romeo, characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Access Everything From Anywhere. We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on last duchess, the go. Download our handy iOS app for free. Dudley Carew (review date 5 May 1931) SOURCE: Carew, Dudley. “New Novels.” Times Literary Supplement, no.

1514 (5 May 1931): 96. [ In the following review, Carew praises Collier's wit and coursework, satire in His Monkey Wife, but notes that the novel will be intensely disliked by some readers. ] The title of texas state Mr. John Collier's first novel, His Monkey Wife or Married to coursework, a Chimp, suggests a somewhat unpleasing variation on a zoological theme made popular by Mr. David Garnett in his “Lady into thesis statements for controversial issues Fox.” Actually, however, the relationship between the two books is slight to the point of disappearance, for the fact that Emily happened to be a chimpanzee was the least important thing about that noble and. (The entire section is 516 words.) Get Free Access to this John Collier Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more.

Herschel Brickell (review date 1931) SOURCE: Brickell, Herschel. Gcse Coursework? “A Variety of Fiction.” The North American Review 231 (1931): 574. [ In the following review, Brickell comments on Collier's satire and humor in His Monkey Wife.] One of the most engaging of recent novels is an English satire by John Collier and essay last duchess, called His Monkey Wife or Married to a Chimp. In brief, it is the story of the return from romeo Africa to England of a young Englishman. His companion is a lady chimpanzee named Emily. Do College Need To Be? Once at home, he falls in love with a pretty girl, but after many difficulties decides to marry Emily and return to Africa. Coursework? This is a highly entertaining piece of fiction, and also a sharp and amusing comment upon. (The entire section is 325 words.)

Basil Bunting (review date August 1932) SOURCE: Bunting, Basil. “Valentine and Orson.” Poetry 40, no. 5 (August 1932): 293-95. [ In the following review, Bunting regards Gemini as a “sizeable achievement” despite its affectations. ] Edith Sitwell says: “A writer to whom the gentle and insipid word ‘talent’ cannot be applied, but a greater word of whose use we are, as a rule, afraid.” In case you inquire for Miss Sitwell's credentials, here they are: “The only modern poet who is completely successful in verse seems to me to be Miss Edith Sitwell”: by John Collier, preface to thesis statements for controversial issues, Gemini. Coursework Romeo? These poems have also been awarded two valuable prizes, so they come well recommended.

Finally. (The entire section is 672 words.) Rolfe Scott-Thomas (review date 20 October 1932) SOURCE: Scott-Thomas, Rolfe. “Informal History.” Times Literary Supplement, no. Importance Time? 1603 (20 October 1932): 760. [ In the following review, Scott-Thomas finds Just the Other Day to be lacking in the appropriate gravity and gcse, perspective. Do College Double? ] Mr.

John Collier and gcse, Mr. Iain Lang, the term, authors of coursework Just the Other Day —an “Informal History of Great Britain Since the War,” as the sub-title runs—acknowledge their indebtedness for their main idea to Mr. F. L. Allen, who treated the post-War years in America in paper, his book Only Yesterday. But an earlier and gcse coursework, better example of this kind of essays writing is to be found in Mr. R. Coursework Romeo? H. Term Paper? Gretton's Modern History of the. (The entire section is gcse 618 words.)

New Statesman and Nation (review date 12 November 1932) SOURCE: “Since the War.” New Statesman and Nation 4, no. Narrative Personal? 90 (12 November 1932): 599-600. [ In the following review, the critic finds Just the Other Day to be well written and gcse, conceived but overly didactic in its social commentary. ] There is university essays a peculiarly revolting passage in the adventures of gcse romeo Gulliver in Brobdingnag where Swift describes the narrative personal, impression conveyed to romeo, his hero by a sojourn in the private apartments of some ladies of the do college need to be spaced, court. Magnified out of all friendly perspective these ladies, engaged on gcse coursework romeo, their toilets, are revealed as loathsome, hideous monsters. Allowing for twentieth century restraint, Gulliver's point of view on this occasion is that. (The entire section is 777 words.)

The Spectator (review date 18 November 1932) SOURCE: “Outmoded Cavalcade.” The Spectator 149, no. 5447 (18 November 1932): 714. [ In the thesis for controversial, following review, the critic finds Just the Other Day overly casual in places but overall informative and enjoyable. ] The authors of Just the coursework romeo, Other Day have based their work upon thesis for controversial issues, Mr. F. L. Allen's survey of the post-War years in America entitled Only Yesterday. Romeo? It was a happy idea to state university essays, apply a similar technique to recent English history, and the collaboration of Mr. Collier and Mr. Lang has been exceedingly fortunate. Romeo? The material cannot have been easy to select and compress, but they have done wonders. Dealing first of all with the paper ideas, immediate aftermath of.

(The entire section is 770 words.) David Garnett (review date 8 April 1933) SOURCE: Garnett, David. “Current Literature.” New Statesman and Nation 50, no. III (8 April 1933): 448. [ In the following review, Garnett considers Tom's A-Cold a disappointing follow-up to Collier's earlier works. ] When I had read a few pages of Tom's A-Cold, by John Collier, I thought that the coursework, author of that highly original book His Monkey Wife had given us another After London. For Mr. Collier has taken the alarmists, who predict the collapse of civilisation, at texas essays, their word and gcse, has drawn England in the nineteen nineties when, after wars, plagues, and texas essays, famines have done their worst, what is left is almost exactly like what Jefferies. (The entire section is 595 words.) Iris Barry (review date 7 May 1933)

SOURCE: Barry, Iris. “A Tomorrow Grown out of Today's Fears.” New York Herald Tribune Books (7 May 1933): 6. [ In the following review, Barry considers Full Circle to be a provocative book. ] This is no novel about the future, in the ordinary sense of that phrase. It is not compounded of Wellsian characters or situations, but of men like our neighbors, like Francis Bacon or General Marbot, in situations such as men have faced before. Coursework Romeo? Suppose all is lost, since the economic pundits tell us all may so easily be lost, and importance, civilization as we know it shattered to chaos, to gcse, the dark ages and worse again, to beyond the bronze age if you will—what then? Annihilate. (The entire section is 1179 words.)

John Cournos (review date 28 June 1933) SOURCE: Cournos, John. “An Old, Old Story.” The Nation 136, no. 3547 (28 June 1933): 732-33. [ In the following review, Cournos regrets that Collier has wasted his talents writing Full Circle.] It will be remembered that in the last two pages of Penguin Island Anatole France furnishes us with a sketchy picture of the day when civilization will have run its course, and ideas, men, “barbarians” once more, will have begun to build a new civilization not so different from the old. John Collier takes up the theme in this his second novel and elaborates it in nearly three hundred pages.

Only it is not France but England which is the author's focal point—England in. (The entire section is 438 words.) Wyndham Lewis (review date 8 June 1934) SOURCE: Lewis, Wyndham. “Demos Defied.” The Spectator 152, no. 5528 (8 June 1934): 892.

[ In the following review, Lewis finds that Defy the Foul Fiend begins on gcse coursework romeo, a weak note but soon becomes an accomplished work. ] The diabolical presence who is defied in this book is the personal essays, demon called Demos. Democracy—as is today on all hands and increasingly the case—is compelled to assume the horn and hoof. And the romeo, colours that are sported by this newest hero are the “Tory” colours—though that, I venture to believe, is essay duchess a mistaken tag, as his politics, as they are revealed to us in romeo, partly humorous, partly impassioned scenes, of very great vivacity, are much. (The entire section is 1026 words.) William Rose Benet (review date 4 August 1934) SOURCE: Benet, William Rose. “The Misadventures of Young Lovers.” Saturday Review of Literature 11, no. 3 (4 August 1934): 33. [ In the following review, Benet finds Defy the Foul Fiend a disappointment after the success of His Monkey Wife.] There are two books for thesis statements for controversial, which everyone should evermore praise John Collier. One is the novel, His Monkey Wife, which appeared a few years ago, and the second his editing of what he has called The Scandal and Credulities of John Aubrey.

In their several ways I do not know which I like better; but I do know that I like both passing well. Therefore when I opened a new novel by him with such. (The entire section is 866 words.) The Nation (review date 8 August 1934) SOURCE: “Shorter Notices.” The Nation 139, No. 3605 (8 August 1934): 168. [ In the following review, the coursework, critic declares that Defy the Foul Fiend will fail to gain a wide readership despite its attributes. ] These two novels, [ Defy the Foul Fiend, and Brian Guy, by Benjamin Appel] so completely different in temper and style, are in many respects the same story.

They each describe a gifted young man who would rather do anything than earn what is texas state essays described by old-fashioned persons as an honest living; the two heroes are both agreeable wastrels, in gcse coursework romeo, short, with no regard for their elders and on my duchess, betters and gcse coursework romeo, with an irresistible attraction for charming. (The entire section is 296 words.) Fanny Butcher (review date 22 September 1934) SOURCE: Butcher, Fanny. Essay Questions On My Last? “Collier Writes with Brilliance in New Novel.” Chicago Daily Tribune XCIII, no. Coursework Romeo? 228 (22 September 1934): 15. [ In the following review, Butcher offers high praise for Defy the Foul Fiend despite Collier's lack of development of his protagonist. ] John Collier, whose His Monkey Wife was one of those lodes of essay questions on my last pure brilliance which is rarely found in the good mines of coursework romeo English literature, and upon whom the eyes of those who would like to feel themselves his peers have been turned with eagerness, recently offered us Defy the Foul Fiend, which proves—to this reviewer, at least—one of the term, most difficult of books to coursework romeo, judge. (The entire section is 537 words.) C. University Essays? J. Eustace (review date September 1934) SOURCE: Eustace, C. J. “Philanderer's Progress.” Canadian Forum 14, no. 168 (September 1934): 488.

[ In the following review, Eustace offers a negative assessment of Defy the Foul Fiend but admits that Collier's writing evidences genius. ] The writer must confess his abysmal ignorance! Before this book he had never heard of Mr. John Collier. Apparently Mr. Collier has published two other books, both of gcse them highly praised by the reviewers in England. Importance Time? The names of these novels are His Monkey Wife and Tom's A-Cold.

We are assured, by the reviewers of both these works, that the romeo, writer of them is a man of genius. And yet! (The entire section is 355 words.) Geoffrey West (review date 12 December 1934) SOURCE: West, Geoffrey. “New Novels.” Times Literary Supplement no. 1717 (12 December 1934): 920. [ In the following review, West finds the stories in The Devil and All to state university, be well written but shallow. Gcse Coursework Romeo? ] Mr. John Collier's The Devil and All reveals him as master of the art of saying, with consummate skill, almost exactly nothing at all. Importance Time? These six short stories are a demonstration of accomplishment and dexterity to be compared to the performances of a champion trick skater. His prose glides and turns, pauses and coursework romeo, pirouettes, leaps and wheels, and in general does the nicest tricks with unfailing coolness and do college essays need to be double, precision.

Seldom is even a comma misplaced, and. (The entire section is 410 words.) Ben Ray Redman (review date 1 February 1941) SOURCE: Redman, Ben Ray. “Imagination at Large.” Saturday Review of Literature 23, no. 15 (1 February 1941): 5. [ In the following review, Redman praises Collier's imaginative plots in the stories in coursework, Presenting Moonshine.] This latest presentation of John Collier's own, particular, and inimitable brand of literary moonshine contains the story, “Thus I Refute Beelzy,” which recently disturbed and baffled the less imaginative readers of The Atlantic. It contains other tales, among its twenty-four, that would not only paper baffle and disturb but horrify them. Coursework Romeo? By these same tales, more imaginative readers will be delighted, for almost every one of the double-dozen. (The entire section is 400 words.) Otis Ferguson (review date 3 February 1941) SOURCE: Ferguson, Otis. “Collected Waxworks.” New Republic 104, no.

1366 (3 February 1941): 155. [ In the following review, Ferguson finds the stories in Presenting Moonshine enjoyable but superficial. ] John Collier in his short stories has opened up a vein of fiction that comes strangely in this time. All his pieces [in Presenting Moonshine ] are in this same manner—which is essay questions on my last not, incidentally, the more humane and romeo, engaging manner of the essays, two novels: His Monkey Wife and Defy the Foul Fiend. They are matter-of-fact in tone, smoothly joined in the writing, and deal in one way or another with the supernatural. Gcse Coursework Romeo? I don't like them. They are. (The entire section is texas state university essays 509 words.) Paul Theroux (essay date 26 November 1972) SOURCE: Theroux, Paul. Romeo? “Very Wayward Miniatures.” Washington Post Book World (26 November 1972): 4. [ In the following essay, Theroux discusses Collier's place in literary tradition. ] The critical reaction was mixed in 1931 when John Collier's first novel, His Monkey Wife; or, Married to a Chimp, was published by Appleton. Books called it “an extraordinary first novel” and The Boston Evening Transcript said it was “unique and thoroughly entertaining satire.” The Nation regretted that it was not so deft as David Garnett's Lady Into Fox ; The New Republic said there was in it “less humor than artifice” and The.

(The entire section is 1355 words.) New Republic (review date 9 December 1972) SOURCE: “In Brief.” New Republic 167, no. 22 (9 December 1972): 33-34. [ In the following review, the critic examines the works included in The John Collier Reader, concluding that much of Collier's canon is charming but light reading. ] We may still believe in God—our money and our pledge of allegiance say we do—but few nowadays believe in Satan.

True, we can muster up a pharisaical contempt for essays, antisocial behavior; we can generate a proper Republican shudder at breaches of law'n'order; and of course any sexual naughtiness still provides a spasm of titillation or moral indignation (which T. Gcse Coursework Romeo? S. Eliot said is “the favorite emotion of the middle class”). (The entire section is 427 words.) Jay Martin (review date 23 June 1973) SOURCE: Martin, Jay. “Praise for the Blighted and Blasted.” New Republic 168, no. 25 (23 June 1973): 28-29. [ In the following review, Martin finds Milton's Paradise Lost predictable and spaced, unsatisfying. ] Although John Collier has titled his new book Milton's Paradise Lost and announces that he intends to reproduce “Milton's concept” in a screenplay, in almost every respect this work is unlike Milton's; and coursework romeo, only in thesis, appearance is it a screenplay. It is all John Collier and gcse romeo, entirely romance. For a starter Collier replaces Milton's Ptolemaic System with a physically correct galactic universe through which Satan plummets like a stricken. (The entire section is 1025 words.)

John Updike (essay date 20 August 1973) SOURCE: Updike, John. “Milton Adapts Genesis; Collier Adapts Milton.” New Yorker 49, no. Texas? 26 (20 August 1973): 84-86, 89. [ In the following essay, Updike explores Collier's interpretation of coursework romeo Milton's “Paradise Lost.” ] No clue is statements for controversial issues offered, on coursework romeo, the jacket flap or in the author's rather testy “Apology,” as to what possessed John Collier to turn John Milton's “Paradise Lost” into a screenplay. Do College Need To Be Double? Was this a commercial, practical project—after all, Cecil B. De Mille mined Exodus and Judges for a pretty penny—from whose shipwreck the writer salvaged his script? Or was it always to be a curiosity purely literary—a “Screenplay for Cinema of the Mind,” as. (The entire section is 2240 words.) SOURCE: Burgess, Anthony. “Introduction.” In The John Collier Reader, pp. Coursework Romeo? xi-xv. Texas University? New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1973.

[ In the romeo, following essay, Burgess surveys Collier's literary career. ] Ask the average Englishman about Milton, and he will say it is the name of a patent antiseptic. This is true, though not exclusively. Ask him about John Collier, and he will say that it is the name of a chain men's outfitters, probably adding the television jingle “John Collier, John Collier, the window to watch.” There is a nice irony about the fact that the real or immortal John Collier—writer, not tailor—is the last man in the world whose window is to be watched. He eschews. (The entire section is 2016 words.) SOURCE: Milne, Tom. Do College To Be Double Spaced? “The Elusive John Collier.” Sight and Sound 45, no. 2 (spring 1976): 104-8. [ In the following essay, Milne explores Collier's writing and gcse, films based on his stories. ] ‘If thou be'st born to strange sights and if you don't mind picking your way through the untidy tropics of this, the globe, and this, the do college essays to be double, heart, in order to gcse, behold them, come with me into the highly coloured Bargain Basement Toy Bazaar of the for controversial, Upper Congo. You shall return to England shortly. ’ —John Collier, His Monkey Wife.

After languishing in limbo since its appearance at the London. (The entire section is 5805 words.) Arrowsmith, J. E. Gcse? S. “Fiction—I.” London Mercury 28, no. For Controversial Issues? 164 (June 1933): 169-71. Arrowsmith laments that Collier failed to coursework romeo, put “more of himself” into Tom's A-cold. Moran, Helen. “Fiction II.” London Mercury 30, no. University Essays? 177 (July 1934): 277-79.

Moran finds the romeo, inconsistent tone and duchess, mood of Defy the Foul Fiend to be disorienting to the reader. Additional coverage of Collier's life and career is contained in gcse coursework, the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vols. 65-68, 97-100; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vol. 10;.

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Analysis of Peter Pan and romeo, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ. Extracts from this document. It also is the place where Dorothy eventually realizes that is the place where she always wanted to stay. Essays. Oz is significant to the setting because this is the gcse coursework land ?somewhere over the rainbow? where Dorothy dreams to live when she was in Kansas and where she assumed there would be no problems, but soon discovers she was wrong, there are just as many problems to face there as there was in Kansas. The settings in the land of oz are the Blue Munchkin Country of the East, the Green Country of the Emerald City, the Red Quadling Country of the South, the Yellow Winkie Country of the West in the lands of personal Oz, the witches castle, and the yellow brick road. CHARACTERISATION: Although there are five main characters, Toto, Dorothy, the gcse Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion, deserve to be mentioned also other characters such as evil witches, good witches, the great Oz . in short, a host of characters with wonderful anecdotes. Main Characters 1. Dorothy: Dorothy is a little orphan girl of essay importance eleven years old, who wants immensely to gcse coursework romeo his little puppy Toto, is the statements issues star and face with courage and determination to the difficulties are imposed, without having a moment of weakness in his journey. Always determined, facing all the dangers, though not without some fear into them. Dorothy's desire throughout history is to go home, desire which she finally fulfilled. 2. Toto: Friendly little dog that delights and entertains with his exploits at all times to gcse romeo the reader, making entertaining, funny and sweet to the novel.

This funny character accompany his mistress at all times, from the cyclone to the back to home, supporting her always. 3. The Scarecrow: Is a sympathetic character who accompanies Dorothy from the moment she picked him up from the cornfield until it returns to Kansas. Despite having no brain, the Scarecrow shows a great intelligence throughout the university essays history. He ends up feeling more important, and finally comes to govern his country. . Gcse. read more. 7. The book contains the country of Quadlings, in this land all things are breakable. Essays Need. 8. The Scarecrow is almost destroyed when the four friends are travel on a raft. He sticks in a pole in the water and the raft travels in the other direction. At last, a stork rescues him.

9. The Witch plays a relatively small role in the book. Gcse Coursework. We meet the Witch of the West in personal essays the second half of the story. In the film, however, the witch practically drives the entire plot. 5. COMPARISON SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES: SIMILARITIES: 1. Dorothy and Wendy, two girls are the main characters. Gcse. 2. Neverland and Oz, the main characters travel to far away and imaginaries places. 3. Dorothy and Wendy have pets.

Toto is Dorothy´s dog and Nana is a dog of Darling family. 4. Dorothy and Wendy wish go home, from the do college double spaced far away places: Oz and Neverland. 5. The munchkins give the magic shoes to gcse Dorothy; Wendy and his brothers need fairy dust for to can fly. Fairy elements. Essay. DIFFERENCES: 1. Coursework. Dorothy has a difficult live without parents and Wendy has a good live with his family in London. 2. A Tornado causes Dorothy to be swept into Land of Oz, and she needs to issues find her way back to Kansas. Wendy goes to Neverland because she wants to meet it. 3. Dorothy kills the gcse witch, the wicked character of Wizard of Oz; and in Peter Pan, Wendy does not kill the bad character, Captain Hook, is Peter Pan who kills the Captain. 6. CONCLUSION: We have enjoyed doing this work. We have met the two histories deeply: Peter Pan and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the more we knew we wanted to know more.

It's amazing how two children's histories can have as many common elements and some very different. The two books are more important in state university essays the history of Children's Literature of the world. . read more. This student written piece of work is coursework romeo, one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Other Criticism Comparison section. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29% Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Related AS and A Level Other Criticism Comparison essays. Although the texas state other nurses and patients have left the gcse villa to escape to a safer place, Hana decides to stay in the villa with her patient. Hana does not know much about the for controversial man for whom she cares. Coursework Romeo. Found in personal the wreckage of a plane crash, he been burned beyond.

An Analysis of the free radio as various symbols and the messages it symbolises . widow and we see all his negative feelings towards her and works as a base for readers poor first impression of the thief's widow, but more importantly the radio, symbolically negative allows readers to see the true care and romeo, concern teacher Sahib has for Ramani as only he is against the free radio and its terrible nature. Compare the Role of Magic and the Supernatural in The Tempest and A Midsummer . Essay. punishment, but whatever the reason we see for a moment how powerless humans are at the hands of supernatural beings wielding unimaginable magic. Prospero's pinches and cramps are similar to this in that Caliban has no defence against the whims of a much more powerful and mysterious force. Waiting For Godot and The Waste Land. Gcse Coursework Romeo. The answer is simple and discouraging: life goes on by force of habit, in personal spite of boredom, pain and hopelessness. The two tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, don't have clear personalities nor are based on social types.

They are connected by a relationship of interdependence, wanting to leave each other and gcse, yet dependent on each other. Thrill of the on my last duchess Kill Comparative Essay. Imagine being on a deserted island with . This shows how human nature is evil, selfishly treating others to fulfill their own desires. The Most Dangerous Game suggests that the bad nature of humans surface when engulfed by gcse fear. Lord of the Flies also contains a message regarding humanity. Chance, Accident and Coincidence in The Mayor of Casterbridge. of youth's zest, he has to step back and give way to Farfrae who possess these qualities to give the village a lift in texas industry. Furthermore, Henchard losses nearly all of his possessions to Farfrae - his house, the coursework mayoralty, hay and corn business, Lucetta and even Elizabeth-Jane. Compare and contrast the state writers presentation of the consequences of obsessive love in: Othello, . This is similar to 'Notes on a Scandal' in romeo a sense that if only Barbara took more notice of Sheba's relationship with Connolly as a good friend would do, Sheba may have been able to escape imprisonment. Instead, Barbara focuses on herself and Sheba and in finding out about the time two, and she tells Bangs, as mentioned above. Contrasting Characterisation - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Shawshank Redemption.

A similar change is evident in The Shawshank Redemption where Darabont utilises voiceovers to convey Red?s initial perception of protagonist, Andy Dufresne, ?He had a quiet way about him, a walk and gcse coursework, a talk that just wasn't normal around here?. of student written work Annotated by. experienced teachers Ideas and feedback to. improve your own work. Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and narrative essays, Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. TurnItIn the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: Want to read the rest? Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Looking for expert help with your English work?

Created by coursework teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know.

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How to Write an gcse coursework Appeal Letter for Schengen Visa Refusal and importance, Get It Approved in 2 Days. Learn how to write an gcse coursework romeo appeal letter for a denied or rejected Schengen visa and get your visa approved in 2 days. Includes tips and tricks that work! So your Schengen visa was rejected and you want to appeal? I have already written how you can file an appeal against a denied Schengen visa.

Your next question is probably: How do I actually write an for controversial appeal letter? There are different ways to write an appeal letter. In this post I will show you how I write an appeal letter that works. Although there are equally many reasons for being denied a visa, the romeo format for narrative personal writing an appeal letter remains standard. Romeo. At least for me. If you’ve read my previous post, I have been denied a Schengen visa before and so was my sister. But we got our Schengen visas approved in the end. What did we do? We wrote an do college essays need to be appeal letter. My sister even got hers approved within 2 days of emailing the appeal.

I’ll show you what to gcse coursework, write and how to write an effective appeal letter. How to Write an Appeal for ideas Schengen Visa Refusal that works. How to gcse coursework romeo, Write an Appeal Letter That Works. Note that I specifically mention German embassy in the example below because we have first-hand experience writing an essays need spaced appeal with them. But the coursework romeo tips and techniques mentioned can be used to appeal in other European embassies as well. First, let’s start with the minimum requirements. The German embassy specifically asked you to include the following in your appeal letter. Failure to personal, include one or more of these makes your appeal useless and they will not process it.

So make sure you include all of these information in your appeal letter: 1. Your personal details . Your name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, and the number of your passport. 2. The date your application was rejected. Gcse Coursework Romeo. You can get this detail in the rejection letter you received. Make sure you write the correct date. 3. You current address . Write your address that contains the street name, house or apartment number, City/ Town/ Village, postal code,

4. Texas University. Your email address and phone number . Coursework. They are not required but I suggest you include your email because they can email you immediately if your visa was approved instead of waiting for it in the mail. I also suggest including your phone number in the appeal letter because they can also choose to call you as well like they did with me and my sister when we appealed our visas. This is essay time important specially if you’re in gcse romeo a rush and you’re traveling in a few days or weeks. 5. Signed by your own hand. Importance Time. The appeal must be signed by your own hand. A remonstration or appeal by a third party (example your sponsor) can only gcse coursework romeo be accepted and processed if you have given your sponsor a power of attorney, which is submitted with the remonstration. So much extra work so I suggest you just do it on your own.

These are the minimum requirements they need to see on your appeal letter to process it. Next, let’s get to the meat of the appeal letter. So what else must you include in the letter? The following are what I usually include. These are based from my experience of getting my (and my sister’s) visa appeal approved. You are free to include other things of course. But I think you should only include the do college spaced important things. 6. Write why they should approve your visa application. This is obviously the most important section of your appeal letter.

This is where you tell them why it’s unfair that they denied you a visa and romeo, tell them why they should give you one. Your reasons should be connected to the reason(s) why they rejected your Schengen visa. Some of the popular reasons for rejection are: a. “Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.” This means that the proof of your rootedness were not enough to convince them that you will not TNT or illegally stay in essay importance time Europe. What should you do? You need to prove that you will come back to the Philippines or your country. Coursework Romeo. If you are an employee then write in your appeal letter that you have a job, how long you’ve been working in that job, how much you’re earning and that your boss allowed you and signed an official Leave of Absence. If you are a business owner then write in your appeal letter that you own a business, how long have you been running it, how much it is earning and what other official documents you can show to prove that it is a real business. If you are a student then write in your appeal that you are a student, where do you study, how long you’ve been studying in that school or university and what other documents you can show to prove that you are a student. If you own properties (house and lot or apartment), you can also mention it in your appeal because it shows you are really rooted in the country.

If you are a frequent traveller , then mention your travel history. List down the thesis for controversial issues countries you have visited. If you applied for other visas before and got approved, mention them. Write in your appeal that you have been approved of other visas, travelled in these countries and gcse coursework, have NOT stayed longer than your visa. Tell them you have no history of overstaying abroad. This shows that you also do NOT plan to stay illegally in thesis statements for controversial issues Europe. b. The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable. This is the other more popular reason to reject your Schengen visa application. Gcse Romeo. This means that they don’t believe your reasons for visiting.

And/or the essays need spaced documents you submitted don’t support your reasons for visiting. This is very vague even to me because if you’re honest, you’re obviously just going to Germany or Europe to travel and/or visit friends/family. Coursework Romeo. DUH. What should you do? If you were denied a visa because of this reason, you need to show more proof to back-up your claims of traveling to Germany/Europe. Narrative Personal. You need to write in your appeal your reasons for visiting (visit Germany/Europe or visit family/friends). You need to write a more detailed itinerary and gcse coursework, include all your flight reservation, hotel reservation and tour package details if you’re joining a tour group.

Show that you have paid for travel insurance. Importance Time. Write why you wanted to visit Europe. The more personal, the gcse better. Last Duchess. But it should support WHY you wanna travel to Europe. You can also mention here your travel history and other travel visas. Romeo. If you are visiting family, mention this as well and attach corresponding brith certificate as proof of relationship. 7. Term Paper Ideas. Attach all supporting documents . Based from the gcse coursework reason(s) of your rejection in #6, attach all supporting documents for your appeal.

Create a file for each supporting document and ideas, include them in your appeal. Make sure that each of coursework your claims in the letter are supported by a corresponding document. If you claimed you have a US visa then include a US visa in your appeal. If you claimed you own a house and lot, then include the legal property papers to show this etc etc. You get the point.

8. Write a short and concise appeal letter . Remember that the importance embassy looks at hundreds of applications and coursework, appeals everyday. Don’t submit a 10-page appeal letter. Make it easy for them. Write a short and concise letter. My appeal and my sister’s appeal letters were only one page . Issues. It could be two pages of course as long as it includes all important information and not random musings. Gcse Romeo. But short and narrative personal, concise should do it.

That’s basically it. Follow the minimum requirements of the embassy, write a short and sweet letter why they should give you a visa and attach all supporting documents. Then submit it. Format of an Appeal Letter for Denied Schengen Visa. I like to follow a standard format when writing an appeal letter. Here is what it should be like: To whom it may concern, Your name, address and details of romeo when your visa was rejected (this covers points #1-3 in the above requirements) Write why they should approve your Schengen visa (this covers point #6). This is the longest part of your email as it should explain in detail your arguments as to narrative essays, why it is unfair that you were denied. Gcse. That you submitted everything and term ideas, that you are not going to overstay.

End the appeal with the romeo date of your planned trip to create a sense of urgency specially if you don’t have much time left to wait. Hand signature (point #5) Your email (point #4) Your mobile number (point #4) Tips for Submitting An Appeal Letter for Rejected Schengen Visa. So now you’ve finished writing your appeal letter. Here are other tips for an effective appeal letter. 1. Copy read your letter.

Make it clear, short and narrative personal, sweet. No grammatical errors if possible. Let another person read it and gcse, edit it for you just to make sure everything is in order. 2. Write your email and phone number in the appeal letter. This was they can call or email you immediately for updates. 3. Do not include random things in essay the letter. Focus on why you were rejected and what proofs you have against it.

You can’t just beg for gcse coursework a visa. You have to show them you deserve one because of essays need double facts with supporting documents. Coursework. Write with confidence. Questions Last Duchess. You know you are not planning anything illegal. Your letter should communicate this. 4. On the subject line of the email write URGENT and gcse coursework romeo, the date of your flight. This way they can see that they need to act on your appeal asap. Remember, the embassy receives a lot of emails everyday. Make your appeal stand out. 5. I think the best time to send the email is around 10:30 or 11AM so your email will stay on top.

If you email it at night or too early in the morning, it might be buried by other emails once the person who checks it opens the essays spaced email. Coursework Romeo. So email around 10:30 or 11 AM. Need Help Writing an Appeal Letter for Denied Schengen Visa? If you need help on how to write an appeal letter and essay importance time, how to appeal, I can help you write a customized appeal letter based on gcse coursework romeo your visa application situation and why the embassy rejected your application. There are 9 reasons why an embassy will deny your Schengen visa application and each reason of denial needs different proof when you appeal. Just order the service below and I will send you the term paper ideas Appeal Letter Questionnaire via email after ordering. Gcse Coursework Romeo. I will ask you a few important questions regarding your visa application before I start writing your customized appeal letter. Texas State University. This service also comes with FREE visa consultation so you can ask me anything about your Schengen visa application during this process. Do you have other questions? Have you written an appeal letter in another way and got approved?

Let me know in the comments below! Next on the blog: Sample Actual Appeal Letter we sent the embassy. Sign up below to be updated about gcse romeo, Schengen visa application. Join the conversation Cancel reply. heloo my visa is refused from czech embessy but my friends got visa visa refused becouse of interview.. i can not explain my travel plans in interview so thats why they refused my visa and refusal reson is “justification for the purpose and condition of the importance time intended stay was not provided” so now i want appeal to czech embessy against my visa how can i appeal…online of in embessy..and what is the romeo procedure..our departure date are after 2 weeks so i have less time so how can i appeal to importance, embessy.

not familiar with czech visa. check the embassy website. I think it’s best to re-apply. My visa for portugal was refused from india reasons. 1.Your intention to leave the romeo territory of the Member State before the expiry of visa could not be ascertained. 2. The information submitted regarding the justification for state university essays the purpose and conditions of coursework intended stay was not reliable. Me and my daughter was visiting my sister and brother in law in Portugal as she had twins recently we attached all doc’s even letter from solicitor from Portugal. my husband business is in india .I would like to appeal can I do by email .how long it will take to to be spaced, consider. is it worth .please help. Check the portuguese embassy website for appeal process. I applied for gcse romeo a visit visa to attend a summer school in Germany.

It got approved. However, my wife applied for a tourist visa and it was rejected. It included the same ticket, hotel and insurance document as mine. Even a cover letter from summer school host stating tourism as reason. We filed an texas state appeal 10 days back, including a letter from her employer and stating previous international travel.

We are hopeful to get the appeal approved. I was just curious which number do they call from about the decision (if any)? Do they call from coursework Germany or from a local number in my country? Also. My trip is sponsored for one week but we applied for 18 days visa for state university essays sightseeing.

I showed approx 4000 euros along with salary slips and all. Same bank statement was attached with wife’s application. Is that enough funds? Reason for rejection was only that information was not credible. Gcse Romeo. No other point marked. Awaiting your views. Appeal her application. Hello, please I was recently refused a French visa and I was wondering if there is do college double a window before I can reapply or I shld just appeal the decision.

I was refused on the basis of intention to leave the coursework schengen state before the duchess expiry of my visa could not be ascertained. Gcse. I have been previously issued a schengen visa but I am short on time and I knw a new application will be faster. Just re-apply coz French embassy is complicated. Hello, I was recently refused a French visa, for texas state university the reason that my intention to leave the schengen state before the expiry of my visa could not be ascertained. Gcse. I want to statements issues, file an appeal with the embassy and also reapply through another country.

I’m doing this because of the information that French embassy appeal takes too long. Please do you think this is romeo a wise decision, applying through another country and appealing my previously refused visa at essay importance the same time ? You can’t do both. Gcse. Just re-apply in another embassy. Hello. I hope everything is going great with you. Is it really necessary to submit the documents again with the texas state appeal letter? Like the gcse coursework romeo work contract and certificate leave of paper absence? They have denied me for that and I have submitted them my contract and when shall I go back to work…. please help. Will the appeal letter alone works? I don’t know what else I should attach when I have given them all my documents.

If its pertinent to the appeal, YES. I applied for the Schengen visa in the Swedish Embassy of coursework romeo Pakistan through their visa application receiving center at Gerry’s. Importance. I applied for the Tourist visa for 08 days.I provided all the required documents plus my Income tax returns,Family Registration Certificate,bank statement,credit cards,past travelling history of 20 years,french visit visa copy from Dubai. I thought would be more than enough to support my application. Unfortunately i received my passport back after 2 weeks with papers that my visa is gcse coursework refused due to these reasons #2,8 and 9. I am very much disappointed. Please suggest what should i do, (to appeal or not ) Maybe re-apply in another embassy. I want to thesis issues, visa refused information. it’s all there just read.

Hi dj . my tourist visa for gcse sweden got rejected for narrative essays insufficient bank balance, but I have enough balance that time. So I have email them as an appeal with all correct doucment as an prove.Do I need to visit embassy or email is enough.. check the embassy website for coursework romeo procedure. Hi DJ Yabis my visa for France has been refused want to re-appeal can you share how can i re-appeal what things i have to essays, send that my visa got approved and please share email id of coursework France Embassy. Rejection Reasons are. 1. Your intention to leave the thesis statements for controversial territory of the Member State before the expiry of visa could not be ascertained. 2. The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not reliable. please help me out.

please read the series of post i wrote about visa rejection. Romeo. links are in the post. Term Ideas. if you need help writing the gcse romeo appeal, just order and ill email you. i am not clueless what to do..Let this GENEROUS 7 DAYS APPEAL PERIOD pass and then apply again with supporting documents (a letter by that international school stating all dues have been paid for texas state university essays the next session and my kids are supposed to join school soon). And I write a letter to them along with my CV and coursework romeo, travel history. I have 2 informal job offers here but I am in do college essays need to be spaced the middle of coursework romeo getting my licence to work in essay questions duchess my field. I have the official letters and evaluation of romeo my degrees issued by the local govt. Should I send those too, in order to prove, I will come back to get my licence and start a job? but the flight is texas state today. Even if I get all these documents ready today, they will still refuse my visa, saying, the gcse coursework flight date has passed..should I book new tickets and hotels and attach the evidence with my appeal?Or they wont consider it once the original flight date has passed? it’s too late already. you need to essays, prove you have a job or a job offer to come back to.

My husband, our 2 kids (3 and 5 years old) and I, applied for gcse coursework Schengen Visa 6 weeks ago through Austrian Embassy in do college essays need to be Jordan.. Now just a day before our flight, only romeo me and my kids got the rejection letter. Husband’s visa is thesis for controversial issues most probably approved, as he has a valid US visa stamped on his passport. I have not been working since my kids were born. I am extremely upset with the embassy as they only coursework gave us 7 days to appeal, and that too just before our flight day. Does a housewife have no rights to university, visit Europe anymore? Now I am confused what to romeo, do next. My flight itinerary will be useless in a few hours.

I got the letter just yesterday. I have 7 days to appeal, 6 of essays them will fall after the coursework romeo flight date. Importance. Is this a joke or what? First they took so long to refuse the visa. Now they are kidding me and asking me to appeal just a few hours before my flight. The visa officer removed the letter from our applications, that my husband wrote, declaring we are his dependents, and he would support us financially during the gcse coursework romeo trip. The visa officer only attached one copy of that letter to my husband’s application, saying, you are dependents so your applications will be considered as one. He also removed our property documents saying, property in need to be spaced home country is irrelevant, as you are applying through Embassy in Jordan. My kids are too young but they go to a very reputable International school. I should have included the proof of schooling with their application. I did’t, because I thought they are too young to be refused a visa if their father gets one..I have traveled to Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai for a dozen times.

I have been living abroad for almost four years. Romeo. Never ever breached any law, let alone overstay. I am just astonished why being a housewife is such a big issue when it comes to Schengen Visa authorities. in other words, a Stay-at-home-mom has no credibility in the eyes of those so-called developed nations. I sacrificed my career for my children because I didnt want to questions on my last, leave them alone with the gcse maids in a new country. I really found his refusal letter to duchess, be extremely offensive after all. Sorry to hear about this. yes it sucks to be unemployed when applying for a visa. I hope you get to sort this out! I got my visa refusal letter with reason as ‘your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained’ I have provided my company approved leave letter but still have got my visa denied. I read about the format..can the letter be sent via email?

Or should it be given via person? This visa was for Switzerland. check swiss embassy website. did you submit your ITR and gcse coursework, COE too? i applied 4 times schenen visa and got refusal 4 time in a year now i want to apply study visa in schengen zone again. what you think it will be done or not? you need to be accepted by a university in europe first before you can apply for a student visa. Hi dj my France visa has denied , I have lots of documents funds attached the visa file . Pls tell me I am appeal or reapply the thesis statements for controversial issues visa .. re-apply because appeal with French embassy takes long. We applied for Czech Republic Shenzhen visa but it was refused today for reasons n 8. We applied for gcse romeo tourist visa and to texas essays, visit friend . Gcse Coursework. We provide invitations letter from friends and salary letters of do college need spaced my husband . We are from Africa but lived in coursework united arab emirats since 10 years . Texas Essays. Our friends was by husband Colleague . We want to visit him with our 2 daughters . did you submit all the coursework romeo requirements? My friend has been refused visa by the French embassy in India twice and on term paper ideas both occasions the coursework reason has been the essay same- “The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay are not reliable.” We don’t understand what they mean by gcse romeo this because he has submitted all the required documents, confirmed tickets, itinerary, etc. 3 others who are travelling on the same trip have got their visas on the basis of the texas state university essays same papers, except him.

the others are employed, whereas he is gcse coursework romeo self-employed and has submitted all his business account details and statements for controversial issues, ITRs. And has no reason besides tourism to go to Europe for gcse 2 weeks. Can anyone suggest what we could do? We are considering sending an issues email to the embassy as we don’t have time for an appeal. travel dates are 15th July. Also the itinerary is 3 days Amsterdam, 5 days France and coursework romeo, 7 days Croatia. Would it be wise to apply through Netherlands now? or can anyone help with an email address where we can definitely expect a response. I hope you were able to duchess, sort this out? I just wanna know that is appeal really work? Or just a waste of time?

Or I should re apply it.. But I have strong documents for appealing. If you think you have strong documents then appeal but only if the appeal process can be fast. If it’s 2 months or more then re-apply and maybe to another embassy. Thank you very much for your reply.My appeal has been approved. That’s great to hear! Enjoy your travels. Hi Anva, just want to know which Embassy you applied for the visa?

And how long it took you for the appeal to gcse, be granted? Hi Dj. I applied my schengen visa last month and essay on my last, after 2weeks got the result but not a happy result coz my visa was refused. It was really made me disappointed coz I was expecting that soon I could fly to Switzerland and visit my bf. The embassy sent me a papers to gcse coursework, make appeal. Can I make appeal personally going to Swiss embassy with my bf coz he is my sponsor. Do we have any chance to get approved this time? And do I still need an appointment? Thank you. Depends on do college to be spaced your situation. I don’t really know what you submitted or not to tell you your chances.

Hello, I used your format to appeal for gcse my refused schengen visa from Africa, and it was approved in less than 24hours! Thank u and please keep up the good work! Just got an email from the Danish Immigration Service stating that they have received my appeal against my tourist schengen visa refusal. They have told me that my appeal is now pending and their processing time is a maximum of 12months. The dates I planned on visiting Denmark have already passed and am wondering if it would be wise to essay questions last, cancel my appeal and reapply again. The reason for coursework my visa denial was my intention to leave the territory of the member states could not be accertained and yet In my application I attached my university admission letter, school ID, transcripts just to show my rootedness to texas state essays, my country. Kindly advice me on the way forward sir,

Your positive response will be highly appreciated. Can I only gcse coursework appeal in essays need to be French language? Is English language allowed? follow the gcse coursework romeo instructions on the embassy website. Hi we have applied for essay importance france visa. We were 2 couples and we’re going for the purpose of honeymoon.. But unfortunately it got rejected for gcse romeo one of the couples.

With above two reasons you mentioned.. 1. Statements Issues. MY INTENTIONS. 2. STAY WAS NOT RELIABLE. So now when we have submitted the same documents. Than how come only one couple got the visa.